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STILL HERE – BEQUIA November 24, 2014

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It is Monday night and the Christmas Wind is still here. It has not rained since last night, so maybe the Wind is getting ready to go also. We were hoping to leave Tuesday of Wednesday, but now it looks like Thursday, Thanksgiving. If it is nice that would definitely be something to be thankful for. There is to be another Christmas Wind coming next week. We have about 65 miles to go to our next port. With the short days we will be leaving between 4 and 5 in the morning. That will get us to our next port about 4:30 to 5 PM. Should give us enough light to get in and anchored.

Then we are on to Rodney Bay. There we will replenish on food and other supplies. I believe they have a Furuno dealer and I would like to have my gyro compass checked. We are in an area with a 17 degree difference between true and magnetic north. My wind direction readings are suspect. The wind always blows from one side of the boat…, I don’t think so. If they do not have a tech there, I can live with the strange wind reading. I have a mast fly at the top of the mast that point to the wind. I also have tell tails in the shrouds that show wind direction. I have also been blessed with sticky out ears that are excellent wind direction finders and have served me well during these many years.

Rodney Bay on St Lucia has a reputation about as bad as St Vincent for the way cruisers have been treated through the years. We just pray we stay safe.

We did the walk to the Whale Museum Saturday. It was longer higher and a bust. The museum is in a house that is lived in. They are renovating the place. It looked like it needed it. They had a couple bones laying on the porch, but that was it. We then walked about a mile more looking for a place to eat. Heard of one, a nice place, about 1 block up a 45 degree grade. It was closed. Enough of this stuff. We took a bus back to town and ate at the Whale Boner. That’s right, that is the correct name. That was not all that good either. Half the stuff on the menu they did not have. They just opened for the season and the kitchen was not fully stocked.

Sunday we went to church at an Anglican church that was built in 1829. Very unique. Quite simple other that it is totally painted white with bright blue trim and pews. Very high ceiling and very large windows that open all the way. Very airy. Especially with the Christmas Wind blowing. The birds fly in and out. That could be interesting, but no problems. The exterior is of stone construction. The walls are a good 18 inches thick. The interior is built like a poll barn. Holds the roof up and that is about it.

The people of the islands are very musical. Even with something as formal as an Anglican service, they can work in some colorful ways of doing things. They have a greeting time in which you move around and say hello to almost everyone. That’s normal. Here you are singing some song and clapping and dancing in between saying hello to everyone. Lots of fun.

The 3 boat buddy wives went shopping the other day. They are all complaining of running out of cloths. On the small islands, they do not have laundry where you can do things yourself. Instead someone does it for you.

Sometimes the laundry comes back worse then when it went out. Clean, yes, but they have a tendency to get stains and rust spots that they did not start with. Bleaching…. It better be a white, because it will be when you get it back. Underwear…, it just gets thinner and thinner till it just falls away. I had 3 weeks supply. Now I can make it through a week.

Hopefully next week will find us in St Lucia.



1. Jane And Bernie - November 24, 2014

LOL on the laundry situation and smile re the Anglican Church service and Godspeed and safe harbor going forward.

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