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KIND OF ON THE MOVE December 10, 2014

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St. Ann’s was a nice small town with a Club Med on the North side. Club Med is one or the best if not the best resorts in the world. They have a few sights and spend the money to make them the best. They cater to a younger crowd then many of the resorts do. On our level, the town has a good bakery that made this apple thing that we would go get in the morning. We had to go to a restaurant for WIFI. A bit of a pain, but I am getting to like French Espresso. I never got used to Italian Espresso.

After about 3 days including a 13 kilometer hike that almost killed me. My knees can not take the long hilly walks. We moved on to Anes Chaudiere. We had been there in the spring when we were having problems with my alternator bracket. We went back this time to do some snorkeling and visit the town. The town is quaint, but we were there on a Saturday and the place closes at noon. The snorkeling was maybe average.

The French islands are part of France. The island are part of one of Frances states. It is like a county. Same government, rules, etc. Martinique is a modern island like a European country. They take a 3 hour lunch daily, then the stores stay open till 8 pm The restaurants do not start serving dinner till after 7 pm. They believe you should enjoy your meal, so there is lots of time to talk between courses. Kind of nice but makes for a late night. That does not bother them, because the 8 am start time is very fuzzy. If you do not show up till 9 am you have a better chance of finding someone at work.

This place has no Wi-Fi and no Gin. I do not miss the Wi-Fi, and can live without being connected for a few days. Now running out of Gin during the weekend is not acceptable. We went to a liquor store and was told that Gin was an English substance, and we were in France. He also mentioned that I was an American and should be drinking Whiskey. I did mention that both Americans and English drink wine. He was not impressed.

Sunday we moved on to La Trois Inlets. It is a town with 3 small islands right off its shore. We went to anchor by the golf course, and motored right into the middle of their 2 man scull races. One of their official boats came racing out, shouting and waving blue flags. I asked if I could anchor where I was and they said yes. We had the best seats being anchored in the middle of the course.

We dinghy into town and was greatly surprised by the smell. There sew plant must discharge right by the dock. We did not even go ashore, but beat feet back to the boat and had a quiet evening in this almost deserted anchorage. The cruise book said it was seldom visited. Now we know why.

Monday we moved around to Anse Mitan about 2 miles away. It is also where our cruising buddies came from Anse Chaudiere. It is across the bay from Fort de France. The town had a large resort that went belly up after a major tropical storm. That has taken most of the area with it. They have a new shopping area filled with boutiques and restaurants. It is a couple blocks long and has about everything you could want. Even has a grocery with Gin. Veva La France. So we got acquainted with the new town and did Wi-Fi at a coffee house and ended up back in town for dinner.

Today the mate got the laundry done, got groceries, while I did a good 4 hour service on the main engine. Tomorrow we May go to Fort de France, rent a car and tour a botanical garden up in the mountains. At least that is the plan.


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