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We ended up in town again getting supplies and whiling away the day. Thursday we moved to St Pierre, Martinque. It is a small town on the northwest end of the island. It is best known for being blown away by Mt Pelee in May of 1902. All but 2 people died out of about 28,000. The rest died from the hot gas and volcano bombs that fell on the town. Volcano bombs are large semi-hard rocks of molten lava that get blown out of the volcano and fall on you. Some are the size of buildings. Those destroyed almost all of the buildings in town. Most of the buildings were built of rock and got knocked down. We spent Friday driving around the area and almost down to Fort de France to go to the botanical garden we were going to see. It was very nice and included a series of swinging bridges that covered about ¼ the garden. Some great mountain driving. A good day.

Sunday we moved on to Roseau, Dominica. Got here Sunday late afternoon. Got a boatboy to rent one of his moorings. Been 6 months since we got a mooring and we were a little rusty getting the line on and all that stuff. That is where the boatboy helps and earns his money. Today we did a tour of 3 waterfalls including the one in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest or what ever it was. The Pool where the mermaid was is the pool at the bottom of the fall. You have to swim to it and we felt the water was a bit cold. So we hided up over the top and took some pics. Tomorrow we leave for Les Des Saints, Guadeloupe.

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