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CHRISTMAS…, ALREADY December 22, 2014

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Not yet. We went to Les Saints last week. These are a nice small group of islands. Has a nice bay and is a very friendly place. It is French and has a nice bakery. What other reason is there to have French islands in the Caribbean. Our trip there took about 8 hours and was one of the best sails yet. 14-19 kts of wind on the beam and 2 foot seas. Unheard of. We spent a day and then went to a neighbor island, Marie Galant.

We went to St Louie on Marie Galant. What a bust. Worst place we have been on the trip. It is a small town and it is closed. The guy in the tourist office never stopped reading and acknowledge that we were there. The bakery was as bad as the rest of the town. Tried to rent a car and the lady running the place said she did not have time to rent one to us. She then closed the door on us. That was it. Back to the boat and back to Les Saints for the night.

The next morning we left at 9 am for Denhaies, Guadeloupe. That is pronounced DayHay. One of our favorite spots with one of the best bakeries, period. We stopped there to check out of the island and go to the bakery. Nice little town, friendly and working at getting more cruisers to come there. Love it.

Yesterday we motorsailed to English Harbor, Antiqua. Crowded. Had to squeeze in to anchor so we could check in in the morning, get money, laundry and some groceries. This was where Lord Nelson had his shipyard. Very historical. They have turned the old buildings into shops, restaurants, etc. After meeting some friends, they convinced us to move over 1 bay to Falmouth Bay, It is on the other side of the shipyard. Therefore, we went around and anchored over there. We came here primarily to go to church Christmas Eve. There are 2 churches in the area. One Anglican with a 10:30 pm service. The other a Methodist with a 5 AM service, Yep, that is AM. Both those are hard on us old folks. Oh well, keeps the crowds down.

This place is crowded for a few reasons. There are 2 regattas going on the next two weeks. This is a great deep harbor that the mega yachts can come to a marina. You can also get about anything done here. We will move around to site see the various bays on the island and go to the sister island of Barbuda. Will probably spend several weeks between the two islands. It is nice to be in a place that everyone speaks English.

Merry Christmas to all.

This is the most unChristmas I have had. The stores have been playing carols, but they still sell the same tee shirts. Not much decorations. It’s 80 degrees and you jump in the water to cool off. We who normally decorate the boat inside and out did not bring any decorations along. No one else has either. No room for something like decorations.

Our gift to one another is an expensive dinner at one of the fancy restaurants at the shipyard. There are some presents, but they will not get here till April when my daughter comes to visit.

For all you freezing up north, it is not that bad here. After all it is paradise.



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