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CHRISTMAS WAS OK December 29, 2014

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Weird but ok. We moved the 23rd to Falmouth Harbor because some friends said this was the place. It is about 15 minutes away and on the other side of Nelson’s Dockyard. It has 2 grocery stores, a neat dinghy harbor, a boat store and a marina that can handle boats with 19-foot draft. All right. So here we are. I decorated the boat by finding pictures of how we decorate the boat in the past. I printed them out and taped them in the appropriate places. The mate also found 2 churches for Christmas Eve services. One had a 10:30 service and the other at 5 AM Christmas Day. Unless I am seeing 5AM from the midnight side, 5 AM is not a good time. That seems to be a way to run off your congregation. The 10:30 was the time of choice.

Problem. The grand kid is opening her presents at that time. 3 hour time difference to Colorado. We watch and talk on Face Time. Not quite like being there, but better than nothing. Scratch the 10:30 service. No we did not go the 5 AM. We did a little devotion thing like we do often when we do not go to church.

I will not go over the rest of the day that is covered in our FaceBook writings. It will bore you with boat pics. Really big boats. Around December 10, Antigua has a charter boat show. It is for those arranging charters. It seams many of the big, big boats wait till their Christmas charters show up to leave the area. Cost a lot to move a 200+ foot boat. So they were hear. Wow.

We are still here. We want to go around the island to about 3 other harbors to visit. We also want to visit Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island. Our weather window seems to be closing around the 2ed for a week or so. We will stay here for the time being. We had planed to spend the better part of a month in the area, so no big deal.

We are having 2 sailing couples from Pensacola, visit on New Years day. They are on a cruise ship and will meet us for lunch at Nelson’s Dockyard. We are looking forward to that.

New Years eve we are having an open house (boat) till about 11 PM and then go to Nelson’s Dockyard for a big time fireworks display. We hope.

Hope everyone has great New Year.

If you do not know about Nelson’s Dockyard, Google it. It is big in history from the 1500’s, that includes our own history.



1. Jane And Bernie - December 29, 2014

Happy New Year! “Nelson” as in Admiral Lord Nelson, I presume. Read some of the history. Interesting how places once so important are abandoned and fall into disrepair. Nice that a restoration group was founded and work begun in 1951 with present day results.

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