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JOLLY HARBOR, ANTIGUE January 13, 2015

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Well, never heard from either the manufacturer or the local service guy about my water maker. Looking at my numbers I may be within there tolerance for a year old system. I just think the tolerance is a little broad. But who am I.

We are in Jolly Harbor. It is about 15 miles NE of Falmouth Bay, where we were. We have been here since Wednesday. I was very happy to move, even though it was only 2-1/2 hours to get here. It is enclosed on 3 sides with an inner harbor that has a marina and the town.

Friday we went to St John, the island capital and its largest city. We went by bus and went out to a store that is a small scale Wall Mart. The grocery is bigger and better with top quality products. The general store section is mostly clothes and a pharmacy. There was a strip mall across the street and we got some shopping done there also. We have been out for over a year and things like drawers ware out. Shower curtain, other general household stuff. We loaded our selves down. The big store has a grocery only in the town of Jolly Harbor. We went there Saturday to fill in a lot of stuff we did not get in St John. This store has all the meats that Publics has. Also all the fruits and vegetables. The boat is restocked. Should last till we are in the Virgin Islands.

Other than that, we have been sitting out another session of Christmas Winds. Winds gusting into the 30’s and a lot of rain squalls. They last maybe 5 minutes and then are gone. Open up the ports and hatches and wait about 15-30 minutes for the next one. Button up the boat and wait till it is over. It takes about as long to close and dog all the ports and hatches as it dose to rain. There are many times when I will hail the mate to stop closing everything and start opening back up. This can go on all night. But we are lazy and just button up, put the fan on and go to sleep.

Tomorrow we go to town, check the email at a restaurant (no email in the anchorage) pick up the laundry and pull anchor. We will go to Five Island Bay. It is about 15 minutes away. There is nothing there. We will ride around in the dinghy and explore the bay.

The next day we will sail on north past St John to a little bay and stage for going to Barbuda for a couple days. We are hoping the winds and seas have subsided enough to make this possible. It looks like we will have a weather window that will allow us to then get to St Barts. My favorite island. It is French. It is the Paris of the Caribbean. It is where the beautiful people go. That is why you will find me there. Can’t stay there long, it is very expensive, but worth every penny. I am still looking for someone who will donate to me enough big bucks to allow me to maintain the lifestyle that I was meant to have. The people there seam to spend most of there time at the gym, go eat a fufu lunch. (that is a lunch that is not enough to eat but looks pretty and taste great). Then they go back to the gym. They must, they all disappear. You have to live like that if your going to be a beautiful person. Then about 8 pm they start gathering at their favorite haunt for a fufu dinner. I do not do the gym, I have a boat. Hard enough. We have done the fufu lunch and dinner. Both excellent, not enough to get you fat and will lighten your billfold about as much as the dinner weighs.

There is a beach on the NE side of the island that we want to visit. Supposed to be one of the best in the world. Do not know if there talking about the beach or the people. I will check it out and let you know. If you do not here from me again I found a young rich starlet or supermodel that wants to take care me for the rest of my life. Bigger yachts, jets, fast cars, cool clothes. The normal stuff of St Barts.

From there it is on north, I think. The mate has been reading about an island to the west, called Saba. It is a old volcano that raises from the sea bed to 3000’ elevation, almost straight up. There are only 2 places you can get ashore. One by kayak, the other you have to pick up a buoy because it is too deep to anchor. 1200 population, 20% students at a med school. They provide fresh gens into the gen pool. We will see. We have some acquaintances that stopped there. Said is was very interesting. Google it.



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