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ST BART’S II January 19, 2015

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Yea we were here in May. This is my favorite island. When we were here in May we were outside of the tourist season. Only the local beautiful people were here. Now is tourist season and everybody is here. Looked out the hatch this morning and behold a cruise ship. It was anchored about a half mile away. Cruise ship people are my age or more. Not in the best of shape and have partaken of too much of the food they feed you. You can pick them out like you can we cruisers.

Gustavia is the main town on the island. It is 10 blocks long by 10 blocks wide with a harbor taking about 1/3 the area, out of the center. We have casually walked the entire length going around the harbor. Put 1500 cruise ship people into town and it fills it up. Tomorrow we have a large cruise ship and a mini cruise ship in. We are going to try to get a taxi to the beach I mentioned last week. Got to go early for 2 reasons. First, we learned last time to get the best pastries, you have to be early to the bakery. Secondly, got to beat the cruise ship people to the taxies.

There was a yacht anchored near the cruise ship The yacht was maybe 100-150’ shorter then the cruise ship. The yacht was easily in the 300’ plus range. It is the biggest I have ever seen outside a magazine. They had a 40 mahogany tender. That is the dinghy the guests take to shore. It had an outside seating area and an inside seating area. Nice boat. Probably cost two to three times what my whole boat cost. God only knows what the big yacht cost. There are probably over a dozen of these world class yachts here. Most a lot bigger then were in Antigue.

We also found our favorite restaurant. Same menu as in May. We will do dinner again. Eat the same thing. Looking forward to that. It was really good. It is the mates belated birthday dinner. Saturday was her birthday and we were in Barbuda. Her birthday afternoon was spent getting ready to leave at 4 in the morning.

Barbuda is a gem. It is poor and unspoiled by development. It has the largest Frigate bird rookery in this hemisphere. We took a boat tour there Saturday morning. Something you will not soon forget about your birthday.
Then we walked on their beach which is miles long and you pretty much have it to yourself. The beach is famous because it has a pinkish cast. This is caused by millions of very tiny pink clams that was up and get pulverized by the surf. It is really nice. The town is small, poor, very clean and very friendly. Everyone has a chain link fence around there house. This is to keep the wild donkey and the horses that roam free on the island out of your house. The horses do belong to people, but they just let them roam free.

Why no development? There are two widely diverse reasons. Politics and attitude. Not the thing to be discussed in this blog. But interesting.

St Bart’s was hit by an cat 2 hurricane this summer. The island was on the edge and the only thing that can be seen are a couple boats up on the rocks and not matching new shingles on some of the older homes. Most homes here have red tile roofs. There is definitely a French look to their architecture. I am happy for them not being hit hard. This is a beautiful unique place.



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