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STILL HERE February 2, 2015

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

We should finish our projects this week. That will be good. I would like to move on, but where. Saba Rock still beckons from the horizon. The mate found there is a ferry that goes there in the morning and returns at night. Now she has to find the price. I would like that because you have to have a perfect weather window to get ashore. You also have to tie to a mooring ball. It is to deep to anchor. They have only a few balls and you could make a day trip and have no place to tie up and have to turn around and come back.

I also wanted to go to Anguilla. That is a British island about 12 miles north of St Martin. I would like to go, but the fees are ridicules. I am not a rich man and we would only spend a day or two there. I could always go back to St Bart’s. That’s right, I am not a rich man and we did about all you can do for nothing. Besides we will be back in May.

We could always move on to the BVI’s. Medium fees on getting in, but very few anchoring places. Almost all require you to be on a mooring ball. Nice balls, just $35 per night. That is every night and we do not have to be there till the end of March.

If everything goes perfectly, we should finish our projects late this week. We will then move to the French side of the island and anchor there for a week or two. Many good restaurants and I know where the bakery is at in town. The prices here are not to bad. The only problem is the bay we want to stay in is open to the north. With the cold fronts you have been spinning off the east coast every few days, generating large swells from the north. They roll right into the bay with no place to hide.

The bay we are at has nice clear water for the water maker. But it is rolly. The last few days the wind has been from the island, which is east and the stern faces the swell which makes you pitch. That is not as bad as rolling. There are suppose to be 9 foot swells coming onto the island, from the north this afternoon and evening. That size they will rap around the island and enter our rolly bay with waves from another direction. That gives you a wash machine effect. Wonderful.

Hopefully next week we will be able to tell you about a new harbor on the other side of the island.



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