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Posted by sailingnightwatch in Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

You will have to go to Facebook to see the results. But we got a new electric anchor windlass. No more getting up an hour before the other boat buddies and cranking for a half hour plus to get under way with or behind them. The electrician was here this morning to clean up and put on wire ties etc. He was the best worker I have ever seen in the boat business. We actually got it finished late Friday afternoon and tested it out. All worked as it should on first try.

Had cocktails, ate dinner and then went to play with my new toy. Had to load the chain that we had to pull out and flake out on deck. I do not think the last 50 feet of chain had ever seen water since we had it galvanized. There were still links that were pretty galvanized together. They would not even go through the hose pipe. Had to beat them loose and the windlass still did not like them. To much metal to fit the new chain sprocket. Beat them again. Both the windlass and parts of the chain are going to have to break in together.

Saturday, we went to a boat swap and took the old windlass and sold it at the last moment. The guy got a great deal and I did not have to bring that 60 pounds if bronze back to the boat and figure out where to put it and how to tie it down. Not something you want rolling around. It must have been a good deal for both of us, he was shocked at how little we would take for it and I was overjoyed to get rid of it. There was a charity group that raises money for the school system by selling boat gear that has been donated and I was going to give it to them before taking it back to the boat.

Saturday afternoon there was a party for cruisers at one of the big beach bars. Went there from about 3 till 9 pm. Great time with great friends. We ate and drank the sale price. A great day.

Sunday got to play with my toy, mounted a holder for the controller and played some more with my new toy. Now we are free to get moving again. If we had some place to go. We will probably be here for another week and then may go to St Croix, USVI. Have not been there and it is suppose to be very nice. Then back to the BVIs and pick up a friend for a visit. Then back to the USVI for a visit with my daughter and the GRANDDAUGHTER, or not. One never know about there schedule. Then we start heading back south to Grenada. Can not believe how fast this year is going.



1. Jane And Bernie - February 9, 2015

Bernie says, “Sounds like a lotta work..beating that galvanized chain!” I like the sound of that Saturday afternoon party for cruisers at the beach bar. As always, Godspeed as you sail on.

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