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Still here. I posted a couple pictures of the hills that we are facing. That’s right facing. The trades blow out of the east therefore, we face east. Chris Parker our hired weather man says this is the longest sustained plus 20 knot trade winds since 2004. We have been here 6 weeks and the trades have blown hard for the last 5. The last week they have been blowing harder. We have had gusts of 44 kts. in the lagoon. That is full gale speed. Thank goodness it was only a gust. You always worry about dragging anchor and rarely a day goes by when a message comes on the net that someone is dragging.

Last week was the Heineken Regatta. That is a series of sail boat races that went on for 4 days. They are all at sea and with the weather, there were few spectators out there. Sunday I went over to the Yacht Club and observed the boats coming in through a draw bridge and by the deck of the Club. They have a review of the crews of the various boats as they pass by. They are judged for originality, skin, performance, and more skin. The crowd shouts out a number and a couple girls in Heineken tops and shorts hold up the number like they do rounds at a prizefight. One crew came in all dressed in pajamas with the design on them matched the graphics of the boat. The 10 went to the boat with the topless lady at the bow and the crew in skimpy outfits. See my face book page. One of the boats came through the bridge, swerved towards the deck we were standing on and let go with a barrage of water balloons. They got a 0. It was a big race boat and probably had 15 or so crew on board. In the 20 seconds or so it takes to get by they can through a lot of balloons. I was right behind the girls with the numbers and could duck below the railing. It had a hard Heineken sign on it or I would have gotten wet. The girls were prime targets. It was a good time.

This coming week the trades are supposed to lay down starting Monday with winds running 15-18 knots. We will then head for St John USVI. We will wait there till our guest comes to the BVI’s on the 31st. He will be here a week or so and I am looking forward to his visit. He is a great sailor and has been in the BVI’s several times. Should know some better places then we know.

The mate has a cold, she says a sinus infection. We are going to the clinic on the French side tomorrow. That should be interesting. My French vocabulary is hello, good by, thank you, yes, no and bakery. Sometimes I can count most of the way to 10, maybe. That’s all you really need to know. They do not like to speak English. But if you try even ever so little, they will speak English.

Still no WiFi, but we will try to get this out tomorrow.



1. Jane And Bernie - March 14, 2015

“Paradise” sounds like one big playground – gorgeous and lots of adult fun! Pray you get out this week as planned and, as always, Godspeed.

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