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YEA WE DID April 5, 2015

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Back to Caneel Bay, did some grocery shopping, left off laundry and rolled for the night before we could go and get the laundry and leave. Moved on to Maho Bay. Real nice beach and no roll. Some place to take the grandkid. Got the kayak out and chased a green turtle and a gray ray. The ray got to grass and dove under the sand. That was a real nice experience. The next morning I again took to the kayak and saw a spotted ray and followed him for a while. He did not go far and just settled on the bottom and sat there. I got tired of waiting for him to move and left. He was probably very happy.

We ran across one of our old boat buddies and went snorkeling with them. We did a very calm area around some rocks. Some nice fish and coral, but little else.

We went back to Caneel Bay and finished re-provisioning for our guest. Because of the rollieness of Caneel Bay we then moved along the north side of St James Island to Waterlemon Bay. This was straight across from Sobers Hole where we would pick up our guest Tuesday. We had heard that it was very crowded. Therefore, we wanted to be able to go early and get a mooring ball.

I am a day ahead, we shall see if the strategy worked. Also if we can find WFi.



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