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We came here Monday with our guest (My dock lord from Pensacola) arriving Tuesday. He got here and we got him and luggage on board and then off to dinner. The next day we headed to Jost Van Dyke and Little Jost Van Dyke island. There is a place called Bubble Pool. The waves crash in through an opening in the rocks, especially at high tide. Timing was good and the place was bubbling. See the pictures in facebook. We left there around noon for the Soggy Dollar Bar. It is a famous beach bar that is behind a reef and you have to anchor on a mooring ball. They were all taken so we headed across to another bay for the night.

I will not bore you with details of the week. That is like watching someone’s home videos’. But there were a few other interesting place that was new to us. One was at Trellis Bay. They celebrate the full moon with a party. Again see my facebook for pictures. They build fires in these 2 pots and a figure and light them around 9 pm. They should burn for quite a while, but the wind we had made them last only a couple hours. The music, it lasted loudly till 3 am. We were moored about 60 yards from the beach and 70 yard from the sound system.

Another interesting place, was The Baths. No pictures, we accidently drowned the camera. Waiting for a new one in a couple weeks. Have been using the phone, but WiFi here is bad at best. The Baths are huge bolders that have washed out and create an area in which you can walk under and around the rocks. They are the size of large houses. It is an interesting place.

Tuesday we start heading back down the chain to Sopers Hole to drop off our guest and allow him to go home. It has been great having him on board. We have visited several other island and bays. Had some great meals and also one of the worst man has ever paid for. It has been quite breezy and rough going east. We did get a great sail in Sunday after leaving The Baths and going to The Bitter End. Outran a 40 foot Lagoon Cat while we were towing our dingy. They were out twinking there sails. One knew what he was doing and got a great shape out of his genoa. That was one of our highlights. Our guest is a great sailor and a even better helmsman.



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