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Our guest wanted to visit a quiet anchorage. That is hard to find in the BVI’s during the high season. One of our cruising buddies told us of a bay they found and liked for its seclusion. It is in a private island north of Tortola. We were the first boat of the day and ended with 3 other boats in a good size anchorage. Nothing ashore but rocks and shrubs. The first house was about 5oo feet straight up the hill.

The next morning we headed to Sopers Hole. Got checked out ate a great lobster, shopped a little. The Dock Lord bought stuff for his grandkids and some rum. Can’t go home without some rum. The next morning he left for Pensacola and we for St John. Ours was a fiasco.

Before going to the BVI’s we were in a bay in St John and called our son. We did not notice that our phone was picked up by the company in the BVI’s and we just talked away for 50 minutes of roaming charges, till they cut us off. You check back into the us customs via telephone. We have no phone, we have been cut off forever according to the message we got. To complicate matters we went to the bay where we would be anchored while our kids visit. That could be problematic. To complicated to explain here. We borrowed a phone, but the custom people are set up to take a message from you and they call back when they have your info pulled up and it is convenient for them. Well, that did not work with a borrowed phone. While waiting for the bus to go to the other end of the island, we actually hitchhiked there. Yep. This 70-year-old geezer and his almost that old bride hitched a ride with a couple that was older then us. Got dropped off at customs and the mate at the mall to talk to the cell phone people. All went very well and we took the bus back for a dollar each. Such a deal.

Saturday, the granddaughter and her parents got here about 4 pm. So we start another adventure.



1. Bernie and Jane - April 13, 2015

So happy for you all. Know you will have a wonderful time. Hello to Lara, Anas and Laila.

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