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The granddaughter with her parents got here on time with no real incidents. Other then Southwest charges you to sit with other members of your family. Dumbest thing I ever heard of. What if a kid gets sick or there is a real emergency. Some stupid accounted thought that was easy money without thinking about all the ramifications. But I am retired and should not be bothered with poor management anymore.

Anyway, first week on St John was mostly going to the beach, sugar plantation ruins and finding the right grocery stores. Ate out a few times, rather expensive for what you get. Good quality, just expensive. $12 to $18 for a hamburger. Very good, but not in a cruisers budget. We will not talk about the group meal. But, that is St John’s. If you have to ask, you should not be here.

The grand kid loves the beach and it is a bit of an issue to get her to leave. We have been going to various beaches, but have decided on Maho beach as the most user friendly for a 7 y.o. I agree, soft sand, easy to drive to, only moderately crowded, some small fish about…, perfect.

Saturday our son and daughter-in-law arrive. That will be the first time we are all together in over 2 years. This will also be challenging. The daughter-in-law gets sea sick easily and the son-in-law is no better. Match that with a son who’s only purpose in life is to fish, and you may have a difference in opinion in what we should do from day to day. I am with him. He is a catch and release kind of guy. That’s great, neither of us eat fish.



1. Bernie and Jane - April 22, 2015

Something for everyone – souns great! And fishing’s not about eating fish. We know from John’s passion for fishing anywhere possible anytime! Glad all can enjoy the Nightwatch.

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