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May 9, 2015

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We went back to the boat rather melancholy after dropping off the kids. We then started to get the boat ready to sail. Saturday was suppose to be rather calm and very little wind. The forecast was right. Some wind and small seas. That is the third time we have crossed the Anegada Passage and had perfect weather for the mate. We are going to pay. Back in St Martin it was shop till you drop time. Could not believe we left less then a month ago and needed so much stuff. Also laundry and groceries.

Got all our supplies and could make it to St Barts on Saturday with a nice weather window. Well not quite. Should have had 15 to 18 knots of wind and 3-4 foot seas. Well the wind forecast is always 5 knots light. The seas are usually close. The wind was in the low to mid 20’s and the seas 4-6 and lumpy. Things were also suppose to calm down in the afternoon. Our weather guru missed that by 100 percent. The wind stayed and the seas started to form swells out to the southeast. That was the direction we were going. We made it about 2:30 PM. Averaged around 4 knots instead of 6. My bottom is so full of growth that it is limiting our speed and cutting my fuel consumption to 25% of normal. Tomorrow a friend and I are going to have a go at cleaning the bottom. In the mean time we are stuck here waiting for a weather window. Seas are forecast for 7 feet. After Saturday’s voyage, taking the mate out in 6 foot seas on purpose may cause the untimely death of the captain. We do not want that.

Our next stop is to be Nevis. We were there last spring, but did not go on a tour we wanted to go on. Going to try to accomplish that this time. From there it is back to Antigua and then south. Sure hope the trades calm down a little.



1. Jane and Bernie - May 9, 2015

Wouldn’t worry about mutiny as the Captain’s crew is on the light side. However, praying you will not encounter those seas again for both your sake’s. 😘

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