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TOURING NEVIS May 19, 2015

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Carabbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

My touring of Nevis last year, was a trip to get my propane tank filled at the south end of the island. About a 5 minute cab trip. I also went to the gas station in town, to get dinghy gas. That was a total rip-off. The propane was ridiculously expensive, the gas was worse and the cab ride was the most expensive since NYC. This time we were smarter and propane prices are rock bottom low. The cab we had used to take us on a tour so on the way back, we worked a deal. We got the price down from last year, and Stan a boat buddy from Pensacola also needed propane, so we split the cab fare. Made the price of a bottle of propane almost normal.

We did two tours, one by cab and one by bus. We started with the cab. This was to a sugar plantation that has been restored and turned into a boutique resort. Great restaurant. Reasonable and great food. That is hard to beat in the islands. The grounds were beautiful. There was a swimming pool we could use, but it was overcast and windy. To cold for us tropical types. Wind and water around 80 degrees.

The next day we went to a botanical garden by bus. The ride there was good. They detoured and took us to the gate. The trip back was a little more arduous. We had to walk about a ¾ a mile, mostly up hill. Hill in these volcanic island are serious. We 2 old geezers made the walk and got the bus back to town without any heat attacks. For pictures see my Facebook page.

Weather window happened on Friday and we sailed to Montserrat for the night. From there we sailed on to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. The trip to Montserrat was not what was forecast. 20-25 kts on the nose with 4-5 foot lumpy seas also on the nose. Made for a super slow trip. I was one very unhappy camper by the time we got anchored. I had all kinds of excuses, but the biggest mistake was not sailing the boat right. I did not get the main ready to set, and when I needed it, it was so rough, I was not going out on deck to set it. Therefore, no speed.

The trip to Guadeloupe was almost a perfect sail. 3-4 foot seas and wind around 16 knots. Started out about 0630 on a tight reach. Around noon the wind picked up to high teens and back to a point we had a broad reach. Great sailing. Got anchored with a smile.

Time for a great bakery and more tours. Next week. See Facebook


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