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ALMOST WORKED June 15, 2015

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  • We did go through Martinique almost. Of course there were the bakeries. Then on the south end there was a good restaurant for a good dinner. But we were waiting for another weather window for a few days. One can not just sit on the boat and do nothing but boat projects.
  • We finally got out to Pitite Anse on the 6th. This is a nice bay on the south end of Martinique. We staged there ready to go to Rodney Bay. St Lucia. We left the next morning and motor sailed very early to avoid the later day winds. Left at 0415 and arrived at 0900. That was good. We had mid teens winds and 5 foot seas. Nothing big until we got to the north end of St Lucia. Then the occasional 6 footers got to be the norm. We were able to ride the current to the west and keep the swells a little forward of the beam. That kept the heavy rolls away. We did hit 30 degrees a few times and that did not make the mate happy at all. I felt it was very controlled and beat the hell out of 40 degrees.
  • We have noticed that it is getting warmer as we move south. Even at sun up it was 80 degrees and quite humid.
  • Rodney Bay is one of those places you can get things fixed. The anchor windlass started working after the second cleaning of contacts. Wahoo. The water proof connection for the remote control seams not to be that water proof. We now only leave the controller out when we are using it. Then it gets brought inside.
  • The plan was to spend half a day in Rodney Bay, do the shopping and head south to stage for the long trip to Bequia, 55 miles. The best plans and all that stuff. The immigration lady had a doctors appointment and did not come to work till after lunch. That is 1:30. To late to stage for the run to Bequia. So now we are stuck here for a week and a half waiting for a tropical wave and another weather system that was giving 30 knot winds with squalls to 40 knots and 10 foot seas. We do not do 7 foot seas if we know about them. They are scary enough. 10 footers would do me in. First it was going to be Monday we could go stage for the run. Now maybe Thursday with 6 foot seas. That means there could be some 7 footers out there. They say if you can not handle 30 knots of wind and 6 footers you should not be in the Windward. And here we are in our second year. It was not good last year, but it was not this consistently bad. We were able to sail most of the time from the Leeward south. This year we have had to motor sail almost all the time.
  • We are starting to discuss coming back to the States after this hurricane season. We will see. We are to young to sit and wait for the grim reaper. We sail, that’s what we do. We do not like to sit at anchor very long. What does that next island look like?
  • No Wifi again. Have to go to a bar or ice cream shop for internet. Eating ice cream is a nice change to beer for using the internet. Neither help the waist line, but ice cream is good. Especially with 2 dozen different flavors.


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