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Today was the best day in a week. About 8 boats left for going south. Still rough and the mate really does not want to go out there. So we and are 2 boat buddies sit.

Yesterday on the beach we celebrated Canada Day. It is like their 4th. Met a lot of new people and had a lot of fun. We are going to do the 4th at one of the bar/restaurants that are along the bay. Tomorrow we will know what they can put together. There are more US boats here then I have seen in one place in a long time. It could be a good party.

The weather was to get better and today and tomorrow are the best this week. Tomorrow would be tolerable, but we would be stuck in another bay with a lot of expensive restaurants. Can not do expensive eating out very often. We try to limit meals out to lunches. Unless of course, it is a special place. There are some as we move up and down the island chain.

We could have gone today, but our friends that went said it was getting rough within about 3 miles of the destination. We want to go to Tobago Cays for at least one day and do some snorkeling.

We have been stormed out the last two times we were there. Next week looks like it might finally calm down for several day so we can spend some time Tobago Cays and still have time to move on to Union Island and check out of the Grenadines. Then we go and check in to Carriacou, which is the sister island of Grenada. There is a great restaurant there and we will do dinner with friends.

It is Thursday and I am just writing this. Getting WiFi out of here is a real problem. The other day I went and tried to pay for some stuff with a credit card and the credit card systems were down. So was the WiFi for the island. Could be some linkage there, you think?

I will try tomorrow to transmit this while the mate is picking up a couple items we forgot at the grocery store today. It was fine that we forgot them, I could not have carried any more. Retired male cruisers are know as pack animals. That is only the beginning of the fun. You get loaded up with an overstuffed book back pack, tote a cart behind you, and trudge off to the dinghy. There you transfer all to the dinghy and speed off to the boat. The 3 weeks of wind keep about a 1.5 foot chop in the bay. Now we tie the dinghy to the boat and hang on for dear life with one had and transfer everything onto the deck of the mother ship. Hopefully the light stuff does not blow off the deck while we were getting onboard. Transfer the stuff from the deck to the cockpit and then below to be put away.

Wish me luck with the technology gods of the islands and y’all have a great 4th.



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