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THE PLAN July 7, 2015

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Tomorrow, Wednesday we are off at between 8 and 9 am. That is the plan. We will be off to Tobago Cays. Finally. I hope. Wind is suppose to lay down and the seas. About everyone we know have left in the past week. The mate has us making Tobago Cays tomorrow and leaving Thursday to check out at Union island and into Carriacau. Then Friday on to Grenada. That gives us tomorrow afternoon and Thursday morning to snorkel plus a spare day in this weather window. Gee, that is planning 5 day on a weather forecast. OK. The mate does the navigating….

Other then that we have been here in Bequia doing laundry, shopping, eating. The Forth party had about 30 cruisers from the US, France, England and at least one other country that I could not pronounce their names and never figured out where they were from. Some place in Eastern Europe, I think. Nice couple. He spoke some English, she none. Same with one French couple. HE spoke some English, she understood some. Enough to play Yatziee and beat everyone by double. Lots of fun.

Hopefully we will start to be on schedule to Trinidad based on our wants and not the weather windows that have been few and far between since November. We will see. The weather windows have been 1 – 2 day duration at best, then sit for a week to up to 5 weeks an not be able to move.

The mate, who oversees our water, has us up to 200 gallons, the most since November. We were over 150 once and gave away about 70 gallons to friends that needed water. The water maker has been a blessing. Along with the wind generator and solar panels to provide the electricity to run it.

The last 2 weeks have been windy and squally and we have lived off the wind generator. Rainy cloudy weather does not get you much through the solar panels. The wind the last 2 weeks has been in the 20’s plus periods in the 30’s. Two nights ago it was in the 40’s for a few hours. The wind generator over heats at those speeds and goes into a free wheel mode. It then sounds like a WWII fighter in a dog fight as it revs up and down with the wind. And all that time not producing electricity. Just noise and hits vibrations levels from not being perfectly balanced that tries to shake the mizzen mast apart. The mate moved to the saloon to sleep because of the noise, only to be met by the staysail and genoae sheets slapping the deck in the wind.

Well, I will try to get this off on WiFi. The last one I did on Thursday, I had WiFi at 11:30 PM. Amazing. Well it is about that time and plus, almost all the kids are gone. That frees up the internet.

They sail in a group. This time there were about 10 of them and they all left with in a day or two. They are all home schooled and spend a lot of time on the internet during the morning for school and then when the weather is bad the rest of the time. Makes it hard to get on line.

Almost all of them study from around 8 AM till noon 5 days a week all year long. They are an amazing group of well educated, well behaved, responsible kids. They range in age of pre-collage to about 4. One 4 Y.O. has better radio procedures then any military operator I have ever heard. They socialize as a pack. Have seen as many as 30 of them together in Grenada. Age does not matter much. The 3-4 year olds can out swim you, a little older and can out handle the largest of boats. Pre teens normally are standing watches when sailing. When talking with them they speak and act as adults, even the young ones.

They are a lesson for adults about education and giving responsibility. Because of this they are actually recruited by the best universities. Anyone afraid of taking there kids cruising just has to look to the kids that are out there. The parents have to take on the home schooling tasks, which is a challenge. The adults must accept that they are learning from a constant changing environment. And accept that they are their to take on the responsibility when needed. Even the youngest. I am amazed.



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