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I do not know or am checking, but I think I used that title before. If I do not search, I do not know if it was better or worse. What happened these days were worse. We will leave it at that. Friday we were in Carriacou. Had a most wonderful dinner with friends at the Vogle Round House. The owner and chief was chief on The Christina, Onasis’s yacht. I think all great chiefs know how to make the world’s greatest sauces. This lady does. We have eaten their before with friends and brag about there food to all cruisers we encounter. It was a fantastic dinner.

When she was serving us our cocktails on the lawn overlooking the bay, she said she was closing for 3 years to return to England and show and school her 2 kid in England. They do not know their relatives and hardly their grandparents. They own the restaurant and a few cottages that they rent out on the property. She assureds me they would not start a restaurant in England, (she is a little burned out), and would not sell this place. I do not think we will ever go there again, but if she does reopen, I hope all cruisers in the area will go.

So much for the good life. Saturday we left for Grenada. We ran to keep a head of rain squalls from Carriacou to Grenada. The normal rough north side of the island was not real bad. Wahoo. We got about 1/3 down the island and the flooding alarm went off. It is an old Cadillac car horn. It would let the neighborhood know there is a problem. I went below, checked the engine room and all was tight and secure. There was a lot of water under the environmental pan under the engine. Not good. I next went to the stuffing box. That is the mechanism the keeps the water from coming into the boat through the prop shaft. The stuffing in it had worn out. Without going into details My buddy boat and I ( he anchored beside us and came over with some special tools and helped replace the stuffing). 3-4 hours later we were under way. I have put about 4 hours on the new stuffing and about have the adjustment about right to keep the right amount of water dripping into the boat. So much for day one.

We did not go as far as expected on day one because of the problem. We therefore anchored at St George for the night.. The next morning we dinghy around the port and look at the city and marinas. It is a one of the prettiest capital towns in the islands. After the tour we headed off to Hog Island. We headed south and rounded the island and headed about 5 miles east to the island. On rounded the island, we encountered 25-30 knot wind and seas up to 6 foot. Got down to 1.9 knots and put up the staysail with a twist into it. That gave us an additional 1-2 knots. That was great through the seas and we entered Hog Island. The place was very full. We found a place to anchor, but I was not confortable with our room to swing. Our buddy boat could not find a place at all. We hauled anchor and headed back west to Mt Hartman Bay to find an anchorage. Our boat buddies found a place near the entrance and we found one near the mooring field to squeeze into. It was not long before we were informed we were to close to the mooring field. Well, I am sorry, but it was cocktail time and I am not moving. The next morning we moved.

Day 3. We found a place near our cruising buddy and anchored. We put out about 150 foot of chain. Almost right for the depth. Our cruising buddy called and said there was a catamaran dragging anchor and moving towards them. I jumped into the dinghy and picked him up and headed for the drifting boat. While I was coming, he put out a general call to help. We got on the boat and the owners were ashore.   They had put down next to no scope for there anchor. The anchor windlass was on and had tons of chain. We put out maybe 40 additional feet and it started to hook up. By that time we were coming up to another steel anchored boat. The 2 of us fended off as much as possible. About that time 4 other people showed up to help get the boat re-anchored. We finally got it secured and left the boat. A little latter the owners were towed back to there boat. They got on board, hoisted there dinghy and raised their anchor. They went right back to the same place and put out about the same amount of chain. Guess what. They went below and the boat was dragging again. About 5 minutes later, they came on deck and proceeded to lounge in the cockpit, while the boat was dragging down wind. One of the guys went forward and proceeded to rig a bridle for his anchor chain. That will not help you hold to the bottom. He finally figured that out. Ready for this, they raised the anchor and decided to anchor closer to shore. They even used less chain to anchor and guess what, they started to drag again. As they are drifting by, they started putting out fenders. I could not figure if they were expecting to drift into other boats of go to the marina. Thank goodness, they went to the marina. I could only figure out they had never anchored or they stole the boat last night and never did anything.

That was 3, right? Well last night we went to the marina for happy hour. What a surprise.   About 25 of the people that were here last year have returned. We took most of the tables in the placed and put them together. Then there was an additional annex that we could not fit on the end. It was great seeing those that we have seen up and down the chain and those we have not seen since last summer. That included people we would meet on the shopping bus or meet at the bar with other acquaintances. A good time. While enjoying the evening, there were a couple squalls roll by. We were anchored quite a ways from the marina and I did walk out to check on old Nightwatch. All was well.

We returned to the boat about a half hour before the real squalls hit. From 9 – 10:30 it stormed. About 10 it got rough. I went out and set an anchor watch on the chart plotter. It went off in about 10 minutes. There was the wind coming several directions around the hills and the currents coming from several other directions. That makes all the boats do a dose do. Not good. Because of the scope everyone is using we could actually do 360 degree circles and miss one another…, usually.. I watch us do 2 clockwise and 1 counter clockwise. I would like to go out deep enough and let all the chain out to unwind. I am afraid I could not pull the anchor back up. Have to get more guts. Enough for one week.


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