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Yep, looking for a weather window again. They seem to come around the end of the week. That would put us into Trinidad on a on a weekend. That usually means paying an overtime fee for Customs and Immigration. Just another tax. I hate taxes, of any kind and for any reason. Now there is a need for taxes, but overtime and the workers do not get any higher rate of pay. I do not need to pay more to anyone’s coffers.

A week from today, August 3rd looks like the middle of a period of mild weather. Trinidad is about 90 miles away so we will leave late Monday afternoon and hope to arrive early to mid morning on Tuesday. No overtime pay. We will be there till about the 17th and then head back to Grenada.

Last week I mentioned that it had rained like I had not seen since last summer. That was true. There was little wind and a lot of rain. This Saturday, a tropical wave was passing over us. It blew well into the mid to high 30’s for most of the morning. There would be a squall line and then a break and then another squall line. The weather comes from the east with the trade winds. I am anchored towards the east shore. The idea is to get some protection. I do not think it is working. The winds swirl around the hills and hit you from north to south with good ferocity.

While anchored here, there is only one boat between me and Venezuela. Don’t get ahead of me here. One of the really strong squall lines is moving through and I am up in the cockpit keeping watch and turning on the anchor alarm in the chart plotter. I look at this one boat, a 43 foot catamaran and he is swinging more then normal but he is where he is suppose to be. I turn back to do some final adjustments to my alarm and look up and see the cat turning sideways and head for me with a lot of speed. When you think about a catamaran, they have a lot of windage. It was happening so fast that all I could do was blow my air horn. He was standing in his cabin because he does not have a windshield. The rain just blows in between his cabin top and the bimini. Kind of like driving down the road forty miles per hour in a rain storm and hanging your head out the window.

So he is blowing down on me and I go out on deck, yea its raining, to see what I can do. I do not have time to get a fender ready because they are tied down ready to go to sea. One does not stick arms between 30 to 40 tons of boats wishing to play bumper car. So you stand there and listen to the heavy thud and bang and screeching of fiberglass. Don, the owner of the other boat gets his engines going and pulls away after he is about ½ way down the side of my boat. I saw a couple scratches but decided to wait till the afternoon when the storm had passed.

We looked and I have 2 heavy scratches and some smaller ones. He came out with scuffmarks on his starboard bow and a stanchion that was broke loose. Not bad considering the noise. Today I had one of the marine service companies come and look at it and he is getting a couple fiberglass workers to come and take a look tomorrow. I need to get them patched before heading off to Trinidad. Otherwise water will get into the fiberglass and that is just asking for trouble.

That is most of the excitement for the past week. I did get the outboard serviced. It runs very nicely now.

Other news, the mate hurt her back, was making her way forward as the rain was just starting. She was bring me a rain jacket while I was taking down the awing. She ducked under one of the poles that hold the awing up and turned at the same time. Next thing I hear is a scream and she is bent over saying she can’t stand up. Well I help her back to the cockpit which she now has to climb into. From the deck the combing is a little over knee high. I got her to sit down on the combing and lifted her legs over and onto the seat. From there we lifted her down to the seat where she could stand up and move towards the hatch and latter. Yes there is a lot of hollering, but she managed to keep it civil.

The hatch has a combing about 10 inches above the deck. I lifted her feet over the combing and onto the first step of the ladder. There are 6 steps on the ladder I led her down hoping she did not fall on me. That would not have been a pretty sight. Got her to one of the settees where she spent the majority of the next two days. Sunday was a little better and today she was almost back to normal. And most people think we are out here sunning ourselves on the beaches and deck. I have not laid on the deck since the Bahamas. Have not been to a beach in 6 months. Most of the sailing has been more harrowing then pleasurable. But it is beautiful in paradise.



1. Jane Bernard - July 28, 2015

Glad to hear mate’s back improved. Never hurts to use arnica cream. If Mate still experiencing unexplainable “weeping” suggest Pulsatilla 30c 2 pellets under tongue 4x a day for a week. Pulsatilla is known as “weepy girls” remedy.

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