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TIME TO MOVE ON August 3, 2015

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This was a good week. Got the scratches repaired by a fellow cruiser from South Africa. From what I can ascertain he was a powder coater. They have a different name for the process, but he explained what it was and how it worked and powder coating was it. To keep his cruising kitty full, he does repair work. He did my scratches in less then 2 hours and half way through you could not find any sign of them. He is also a licensed captain for 100 ton vessels and does yacht deliveries where ever in the world. Cool guy.

His lady is Miss Kitty. Think “Gun Smoke” She is from the Grapevine Texas area and lived just a short ways from my brother and sister-in-law. She can lay on the draw like you would not believe…, darling. Neat couple. Been cruising together for 10 years. Each has a boat, hers is here and I think his is in Europe. Makes it easy if they deliver across the pond. Just get on his boat and cruise there until a job comes this way.

The mate’s back is better, but she is being very careful about what she does.

Went to a going away party for Canadian friends who sold there boat and are going back to their home in the Canadian Rockies. There to buy a motor home and visit all the provinces of Canada and all the states in the US. Then maybe get another boat. They are in their fifties, maybe 60, both have more energy then I ever had. They do a lot of hiking. There maybe something to be said for that.

Wednesday we head for Trinidad. Going there for a haul out which is when they put the boat up on jack stands and repaint the bottom and do other maintenance and upgrades. We have a wish list that will never get done. The bottom will be repainted. That is really needed. We are going to get a winch for the davits. We store the dinghy in the davits with the outboard on. Dinghy, outboard and gas weigh around 300 pounds. It is a lot to lift even with a 3 fold tackle on the motor side. I have some ideas and the people at the yard say they have built several different types. We will see. Money will determine this one. We also want to reupholster the settees and stools in the main saloon. They are about 15 years old and are getting threat bare. They really held up good and are still very confortable. Again dollars. We would like to get a new set of skins for the dinghy. Those are Sunbrella covers that protect the dinghy. Your dinghy is like your car, pickup truck and bus. It takes a lot of beating. It is used almost every day and not treated very gently. It gets tied up to docks that have rough services, various marine growth and various nails, screws etc. to tear up your family car. Again its dollars. Trinidad has a reputation for doing excellent work for a reasonable price. I should know about the reasonableness by next Monday. That is when they will haul the boat and start work. It will be interesting. Prices are negotiated and it will be done between English and Spanish. My Spanish is like my French. I can be polite and that is about it. Pray for us, we will need it on this adventure.



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