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ON THE HARD August 11, 2015

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This is the most well organized boatyard there is. It is a large yard with probably 60-70% long term storage. These are snowbirds that go home after Easter and do not show up again till October. The rest are like me, getting work done. All workers here are contractors that are approved by the yard. You get a contract from them that is approved by you and the contractor and then by the yard. Any changes must be approved by all three parties. Payment is made according to the contract through the yard. This eliminates a lot of who said what. I like that. So far I have seen 3 painters. Two I will get bids from in the morning, then I will make my choice. Everything is negotiable. I like that. We are having the hull cleaned and waxed. That is done by the same people doing the bottom job. We are having new chaps made for the dinghy. That will cause us to stay at least 4 days longer. I believe we got a good deal. That individual is also going to do new upholstery for the inside. The welder was here today, but we talked our way out of welding. There is welding to be done, but not onto the davits. He is to return in the morning with ideas. We shall see. Could get expensive. I have little feel for what he will come up with. I did find a boat trailer winch that is good to 1800 lbs. That would be more then adequate and it is cheap. Problem is it is steel. Steel and salt water do not get along together. The welder thought he had a better idea there, but would not tell me till he checked it out. Tomorrow.

Two surprises. The first was a real one. My cutlass bearing is worn out. The bearing does not cost much, but it is labor intensive in replacing. You have to remove my rudder, prop and shaft. Then you get to pull the bearing out. Pulling is not what really happens, it is more driven out from the inside using a special tool. They do not like to come out. Can take a lot of time. That will allow me to check out the packing gland installation.

The other surprise is whether the paint we want to use on the bottom is compatible with the old paint. I remember the brand, but not the number we used last time. The people down here do not think it is a problem since the US EPA has turned bottom paint to common house paint. One of my prospective painters has raised the question. I do know of one boater from FL who had his bottom done about 4 months ago and it is flaking off his boat. That is $1000US in paint. Not good. The prospective painter is know as a hard dealer and will tell you anything to scare you into using him. He started off by telling me the small blister that had been fixed in the past were blisters. Wrong. Well I did not go for the blister deal and that is when he shifted to compatibility. Wait till I say his price is way out of line no matter what it is and walk away. People say he does not like being flat turned down. We may see unless he is running real cheap. He does have a very good reputation. I do not like to cut my noise off to spite my face. Tomorrow could be a fun day…, or a very frustrating one.



1. Jane Bernard - August 11, 2015

Glad good boatyard, but sounds just like keeping up a home, which is, of course, what the Nightwatch is!

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