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WORK WEEK August 24, 2015

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Got a contractor I liked. But, there were quit a few small blisters. There was also a question about the compatibility of EPA approved paint and what the rest of the world uses. Not the stuff that kill everything within 50 yards, but the stuff we used a few times back. I have seen boats that come with the best from the states, get a coat of paint and have it flake off in 4 months. So for 50 bucks you put on a barrier coat to keep the two compatible. They either have a good line going or there is something to it. They sell a lot of the barrier. I figure cheep insurance. They did good work. The hull shines and the bottom looks great. Maybe not quite as good as Eric would do. I had several of the contractors come and look at the 10 year old Awlgrip job. No orange peel, no waves, sags, no drips. And that was after getting repaired from Ivan. Their painting quality just doesn’t measure up to Sue’s

The cutlass bearing turned out to be a lot easier job then we had expected. While we had the shaft out we took apart the stuffing box and looked at our in the water repair. It worked. It got us to Trinidad. But it was not to good. So I had the pros do it in the dry. They were amazed that we did it in the water. They have only worked in the dry. They were surprised we got it done as good as we did. Thank you Pat. It is easy when you get to measure precisely, slide in on a clean dry shaft and space like the book says. Hope all goes well tonight as we head back to

Grenada.All was done by Friday afternoon except the upholstery and new chaps for the dinghy. The upholstery was about 15 years old. It had held up very well, but the last 2 years really done it in. The chaps were about 3 years old. The dinghy does not just sit in the davits for weeks at a time. The dinghy is your car, truck, and bus. It is used every day. It gets banged, pushed, scraped against other dinghies, boats and pilings. It is like being in a demolition derby. Did I mention the tropical sun.

Yes I am a week behind. I will fill in on what we did this week. And about upholstery. And waxing.



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