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SPLASH August 25, 2015

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Yard work is done by Friday morning and we get put back into the water in the afternoon. Then we go back to a slip and wait our dinghy chaps and upholstery. Those should be done Tuesday and Wednesday. In the mean time I will wax the topside, the mate is doing a major cleaning and maybe get in some touring.

The wax job on the hull was great. It shined almost as well as when it was just painted. The bottom job is a bottom job. It always looks the same. Hopefully it will last longer then our last job. Nothing against the last job, it is just that we are really in the tropics and things grow on your boat overnight. If you are not always on the move your prop gets enough growth to look like a basketball. And the stuff does not like to come off. When you take off a barnacle it will take the paint with it to the gelcoat. When you take the boat out it has a lot of little white spots that were barnacles. If you have not looked at our Facebook page, there are pics of our finish job.

The chaps and dinghy got returned on Tuesday as promised. They look good and I hope they last even longer then out last set.

Wednesday we were going to get our interior cushions back. It rained. Not constant, but it would quit for 5 minutes and then pour again. No cushions. We had planed on leaving Thursday, but the good weather was not till Friday or Saturday. We therefore planed a tour up this river in which the national bird rousts. It is a red egret. Suppose to be something to see. You go in the late afternoon, up this river and see them come to there nests. Well the morning was good enough to get our cushions and then the rain started again. So we got to sit in the boat and look at our new upholstery. Probably not a good thing to do. You have time to compare every bit of workmanship between the new and old. It actually turned out pretty good.

There are other pic of Chaguaramas. Throw that one at spell check. It is a heavy industry port. It seams to have 2 industries, 4 yards for yachts and support for the oil and gas industry. There were many oil drilling platforms sitting in the bay with nothing to do or place to go. The contractor I used said he had never seen it this bad for the oil industry. Enjoy your cheap gas, this to will end. There are also pictures of various support boats for the industry. Several of which I have no idea what type support they do.

There are some pics of the yard. You can see boats that are almost totally covered up while they sit and wait for their snowbird owners to return in November for some winter sailing in the 80 degree weather.

Saturday we were off for Grenada. Pics of us leaving and going through a pass with some good tidal rips and the wind wiping through the hills. There is one picture in which the center shows some land in the haze. That is Venezuela. Can not go there. The insurance company says that is a no no. Like I would want to. Real live pirates. Get kidnaped, held for ransom. Such fun. Pirates might have a hard job. They get these 2 old geezers that no one has seen in 2 years and for all the family knows could be ready to check out anyway. And they expect someone to cough up good hard earned cash for them. And these two just send pics of beautiful islands and talk about fun things they do. I don’t think we better get caught by pirates.

The trip was pretty quiet. Nice seas, just the wind was to much on the bow to make headway against the Equatorial current. So we ended up motorsailing for 19 hours. Hey, beats getting kidnaped and held for ransom.



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