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I have this boat list of stuff. Some are minor spares, unless you need that piece, then it is a major spare. Some are for the water maker. Since the mate is the Water Czar, those spares moved up on the list. I also lost the control valve for the gas grill. Like over the side. I do not grill. Something about the way I cook on the grill. The mate thinks it is a pain, so we do not use the grill very much. But it is hot. Using the grill would be a good thing.

If you had not noticed, it has been a hot summer almost every where. That also means in Grenada. Now I am not complaining. Because we are a little speck of land in a great big body of water, our temperature varies from day to night about 5 degrees. The humidity is normally in the 50% range. When a tropical wave passes by it will get up to 70%. That is muggy. Day time highs, mid 80’s. No 90’s, no 100’s That is why they call it Paradise. Oh, the difference between summer and winter…, about 7-8 degrees. Now I did not mention the sun. That is different. It is searing! You do not want to be out in it. You just start to sweat and get hot. We get about 2 months of that sun. I feel for those who work outside. I like hot and sun, but this combination got me beat. The poor mate sweats so much I expect to find her sitting shriveled up like a raisin.

So all of a sudden, this cash shows up to get spares. Not all, but the valve and paint thinner so I can do some of my bright work. It has not been touched in 2 years and looks bad. It is getting to me, so tomorrow I start taking the cockpit cap rail down to bare wood. The fitting for the water maker? Not one at the boat store. Maybe on the next boat. Island life.

With the stash, we went to lunch on Saturday at a little marina that does a little steak special. It is good and is only about $10 US. Last year it was a “must do” on Saturday. This year we have not got into the habit. I think it might have started. You get a small steak, French fries, a salad and a small helping of cooked onions in a sauce that I can not describe other then it is good. And a beer. All for $27 EC’s That is Eastern Caribbean. The currency in the island south of the French West Indies. Tied to the US dollar 2.7 EC’s to 1 US. Helps to keep your math skills up. So, life is good. But it is hot!

Today started a week of 3 tropical waves. It is like a cold front during the winter up north. About every 3 days you get a change. Once in a while it is a blizzard. With us it means squally weather, but it could be a hurricane. We are below the hurricane belt…. But Ivan came through here 11 years ago today. About blew the island away. Agriculture wise it is just coming back. This is the Spice Island and many of those trees take years to grow back and start producing.

The squalls come in a line, does not last very long, usually, and can dump a lot of rain. Between the squalls comes the sun, and the humidity. The squalls also have wind from 25 – 35 knots. Or more if God wants. That means no awning for the boat. Those winds can tear it up. Which means more heat inside. Therefore, I took it down this morning after the early rain. Good thing, this afternoon and evening it has been squally. Did I mention how hot the sun is.



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