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BRISTOL MAYBE October 6, 2015

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The boat came in today and the store says we should have the Bristol from customs tomorrow afternoon. They will then deliver it to our marina. That is nice. Tomorrow we are having a small tropical wave come through with showers. That may help to cool it down. The wind has been strong as the sun comes up then dies down through out the day. We are anchored out by the headland and get some strong gusts along with the dying breeze. The temps have actually got to 90 degrees and the humidity has gone up with the temps. Hotter longer with more humidity then last year. By this time last year the evening had started to cool down. It is still 85 sticky degrees out and it is 8 pm.

Today I got the 4th seal coat of varnish on my taft rail. That is the part with the spindles. Now all I need is 7 coats of Bristol and that will finish phase 2. Yesterday I started at 6:30 with sanding and a coat of varnish. I have been doing the 6:30 am routine for the past week so I can get the tedious stuff done before it gets really hot. Yesterday I started on the main cap rail that goes around the boat. I do that in the afternoon when I have shade from the awning. That has worked the last two days. Now I start an area that is not in the shade. Not looking forward to that.

We have 2 tropical waves this week with the one starting on Friday having squalls with it. They will blow 30+ knots. Tomorrow will have lighter rains blowing in the mid 20’s. Therefore as the sun went down I took down the awning. In the morning I am taking the shopping bus to the hardware store and the boat store to get supplies to finish this miserable task.

All the scraping has been done with the aid of a heat gun. That means we run the generator. When the generator is on the air conditioning is on. The mate disappears below with a book and her A/C.

I am trying to get done in time to leave for the island north before our visa expires around the 20th. That cost EC$70 for 3 months. Even if you leave the next day, still 70 EC.

We will miss Halloween which is to bad. There must be twice as many kids around this year. Lots of boats with 3 kids, 2 dog and a cat. I do not understand.

My work list is getting bigger while the varnishing is taking over my life. Several of the items on the list must be taken care before we leave. We will be heading back to the states this coming year. Mary wants to be in the Bahamas by April 1st. Grandkid’s spring break. We do not plan to be back to the US until around July 1st. We plan to spend the Hurricane season in the Gulf and then when it gets cold head back to the Bahamas. Actually hope the government will take the final restrictions off going to Cuba. I really want to go early after all restrictions are taken off. I feel the US developers are poised on our shores ready to make Havana look like Miami Beach. I first want to see it the way it is.



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