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GOLLY IT CAN RAIN HERE October 13, 2015

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Still working on the teak. The last area for the heat gun and scraper is the cap rail around the boat. I thought it should take 3 days. I started Sunday. Skipped church because it was a beautiful day. Should not have done that. The rains came. I ended up finishing on the next Sunday afternoon. The rains stopped after a night of ridicules steady downpour. It rained also on a Sunday about a year ago, but not as hard or as long. People on the radio net were making comment about it being day one of forty. Well I got the last 40 feet of cap rail done starting about 3 PM. I then did the first sand on about 80 feet of cap rail. Remember the boat is 46 feet long and about 13.5 feet wide. That makes for a little more then 100 feet of cap rail. Most of which you have to hang over the rail to get the underside.

Today is Monday and the sanding is finished and it has been washed. I finally got the Bristol today, 2 weeks late. No problem, I could not have used it anyway. I will try to get started on the Bristol tomorrow. The mate is going grocery shopping in the morning and I will try to see what has to be done to the cockpit cap rail that got rained on before it was dry. Since then water blisters have migrated to the surface. I have been popping them as they show up. I will sand the rail and see if I can remove all sign of the blisters without having to start over. It that goes well, I will then start on the Taft rail. That is the one with the spindles.

When the mate gets back we will mask the hull so the cap rail can be varnished and Bristoled. That should shoot the day. Wednesday is supposed to be a varnishing day according to the weather man. But what does he know. One is to put 7 coats of Bristol on the wood. I may only do 4 and wait till we get to St Martins. Things are duty free there. You do not have to even pay the VAT tax. All duty free for things going on a boat that is leaving. I paid $125 US per quart here. I will only pay $86 US in St Martin. We will see how it goes. The stuff does not keep once it is opened.

Friday a squall came through and a boat in front of us drug anchor and tripped our anchor. So it is blowing 35 kts an driving rain while we are trying to re-anchor. Just finished re-anchored and the next squall hits. Sure enough, I had anchored in silt and clay and start dragging again. This time we went across the bay and pretty much outside the bay. This was to hide behind the reef to get away from the seas that enter the bay. That worked for the seas, but we are exposed to a fetch that starts in Africa. Big wind. But with 250 feet of chain out we held.

Good thing. Friday night the real squalls start. Between 3 am and 4 am I am standing in the cockpit with a swimsuit and fowl weather jacket on as it is blowing and raining so hard you can not look into the wind. We held. I must admit that when I set the anchor, it stuck like I have not felt in a long time. There were a couple more squalls before it cleared off some Saturday morning. I set a second anchor. It is not as solid as the main anchor, but every little bit counts. Really good thing.

Saturday night the squalls got serious. This was the beginning of day one of forty. The wind did not seam as bad, but the rain was unbelievable. It rained as hard as I have seen it for 4 hours straight. We found a leek in the boat. It is where one of the scuppers goes through the gunnel. Got to fix it one of the days. Right now there is masking tape over it and it held through the heavy rain.

These squalls were part of a tropical wave that passed over the Windward and Leeward islands. All this while I am trying to get the boat ready to head north. Ah the cruising life.



1. Bernie and Jane - October 13, 2015

Autumn color and weather beautiful here. Got better tonight. Cubs beat St. Louis Cardinals in first series play off between them ever. Cubs headed to National League Title Series. Go Cubs Go!!

sailingnightwatch - October 26, 2015

GO CUBS!! Only thing we get is the World Cup of Rugby. Once in a while Monday Night Football.

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