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HEADING NORTH November 9, 2015

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Got underway at 7 am for Carriacou. We motor sailed almost all the way. The wind lasted on the west side of Grenada for about 15 minutes. On the north side the wind picked up and the 3 foot seas were on the nose. That slows us down to a crawl. Therefore, we motor sailed all the way. That got us in early enough to check out with customs and immigration.

The reason for stopping in Carriacou was to go to a restaurant. We had not been there because the best restaurant of the whole trip was on the island. The last time we were there in the spring, they were closing down and moving back to England. Therefore we got to go to the second best restaurant on the island. One big step backwards. It was OK, but would not even make the list of favorites.

The next day our weather window was to hold till the afternoon and we could make another 40 miles to Bequia. Terril Bay in Carriacou is just a bay with a town around it. Some people like it and some of us do not understand why. The weather window was to close up for about 3 days, so we beat feet for Bequia. We both like the island. If we have to be stuck, be stuck someplace you like. Even in the rain.

We again motor sailed and got here just in time. About 2 miles out, the first squall hit with 30 knots wind and very heavy rain. There was a charter boat running along side us for half the trip. I slowed down and took in the mainsail before the squall hit. I noticed the charter boat did not have radar and I assumed no AIS. He wisely slowed down to be able to see us as we approached the island and it’s rocky coast. Radar does come in handy at times. The squall lasted about 15 minutes and then let up. We were now heading straight into the wind and seas and were lucky to maintain 4 kts. The boat beside us was a production boat and are made very light. He pulled in his sails and cranked up the engine and walked away from us.

After the first squall the weather turned nice again and I went in and checked in with customs. The afternoon and evening was nice until sometime in the middle of the night when the next squall hit. I never looked at the clock, but got up very fast to close my port. The wind shifted as the rain hit and it blew straight in on me. While up I went into the cockpit and check to make sure we were where I had left her when I went to bed. All was well except for the wind and rain. We had two more squall in the morning. I would estimate that the wind was about 30 kts. for all of them. This afternoon it was overcast, but dry. It is about 8:30 pm and a shower just passed. We are to have 2 more days of this and then another weather window to run up to St Lucia. Rodney Bay in St Lucia has world’s greatest hardware store, a good marine store, a real grocery store and a mall. Other then the thugery, what’s not to like. We will probably spend a day there and then move on to Martinique. That also has a real grocery store also and a discount place like Wall Mart. We will stock up there with what we missed in St Lucia.

Martinique is our first French island and I always look forward to them. They know how to make good food. And every place has a bakery. We should be there in a week, of course depending on the weather.


1. Jane - November 9, 2015

Keep on comin’ ! Heading North as your Yankee roots call to
you all! ??? 😉

sailingnightwatch - November 16, 2015

Going North is a terrible terrible thing. My Yankee roots died when I got in the Navy 50 years ago and discovered there are beautiful places in this world.

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