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RODNEY BAY, ST LUCIA W I November 16, 2015

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By the time you get out of the anchorage and into the next one, this is an 80 mile trip. We were up at 3 and underway by 4 am. No moon, but lots of stars. In fact this was the first night I could see all the Big Dipper and the North star. We spent the summer at 11 degrees north, the North star is in the haze of the horizon. It is that time of year the Big Dipper could only be partially seen.

The sail started out with very light wind. The channel between Bequia and St Vincent has a good funnel effect between the islands. Gives you wind about 5 knots stronger then forecast and seas a foot or so larger. The stronger the wind and seas the larger the increase. The north end of St Vincent is the worst. This was our 4th time passing this area and we were dreading it. The forecast was for 10 knots of wind and 3 foot seas. It was really nice, we had 18 kts and 3-4 foot seas with the occasional 5 footer. The St Lucia Channel is probably 20 miles across. We had been motor sailing past St Vincent and even though we had plenty of wind for a good sail we kept the engine running and ran over 7-8 kts. plus made water and charged batteries. Rodney Bay is at the north end of St Lucia. We left about 4 am and arrived about 4 pm. That was a long watch. That was Thursday.

Checked in Friday, did some shopping, went to dinner Saturday, now that was an expensive one. It was neat. First there is a 1 hour ride, one way. There was 6 of us so we get free transportation in a large new air conditioned van. I know, some of you are facing winter, but it is still in the 80’s with that much humidity. A/C is a luxury you usually do not get taking hired transportation. The van drops us off at a ferry dock and we get a ferry ride across the bay to the restaurant snuggled in the mangroves. A delightful setting.

You got a choice of a 2 or 3 course meal. Because of the transportation, we had mandatory 3 course meals. The meal was a little fu-fuey, but at least the size of the meal was ok. Those that had Lion Fish thought there could have been more fish. If you have not tried Lion Fish, you must. Remember, I DO NOT EAT FISH. I have gotten to like fresh Mai Mai. No fish taste. Lion Fish have no fish taste. The two are very similar in texture. All is good.

There is some weather out in the Atlantic northeast of the islands and giving us 6+ foot seas. The mate is getting where she does not want anything over 3 foot. There is also a 4-5 foot swell coming out of the northeast from the low in the Atlantic. That all adds up to sitting here till Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Then it is on to Martinique.



1. Jane Bernard - November 16, 2015

Good to hear from you aboard the Nightwatch. Smooth Sailing and always, Godspeed.

sailingnightwatch - November 28, 2015

Could have responded to you and should have been the other Jane, who is a cousin and is a Knoerr. Her husband would like to be here.

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