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When there is no reason to know what day it is, you do not know what day it is. Well, we left Rodney Bay in St Lucia on Friday, I’m pretty sure, and arrived in Ste Anne, Martinique FWI. It is crowded. This whole year has been crowded. The town is like a picture and is surrounded by resorts. The most expensive is a Club Med.

Saturday we checked in and found the two bakeries. Well…, not so good. Sunday I did projects. Today the weather forecast has a weather window on Wednesday and Thursday and we hope to make Les Saints just south of Guadeloupe FWI. We will stay there a few days and move up the island of Guadeloupe to Deshaies. That’s “DAY HAY” We want to see a zoo that we missed the last time here. All right, how many people do you know that have been in the islands and went to a zoo. After that, and they have a good bakery, we will check out and go on to Antigua for Christmas.

There are several cruising friends that are going there for Christmas. That sounds like a good time.

After Christmas we pray for a weather window so we can get to St Barts for the biggest fireworks display in the islands for New Years Eve. That is my goal of the trip home. If you never hear from me again, I jumped ship. This is my island. There are 3 more beaches I have not been to on the island. Two of them, the seas have to be dead calm. They are open roadsteads with perfect white sand beach, a row of palms and surrounded by a hill that goes almost straight up. Go by boat or don’t go. So they say. The third one you have to take a cab to. Then the question is can you get to the beach. It is surrounded by a few resorts. One costs $28,000 per night. Might not want this old cruising riffraff hanging on their beach. Oh well.

Then it is off to Ste Maartin to stock up with supplies and spare parts to make the trip to Florida. Need a spare pump head for the water maker. A intake pump for the head. The current one is sounding very sick. Just hope it can last a couple months. Today the depth sounder seems to have had a stroke. It has power, but it does not do anything. It’s little brain is fried. That is one of those got to have items. Then of course I must have my Bristol to finish my brightwork. This will be our late Christmas. Let see the Mate/Water Czar get her spare pump head. She also gets the depth gage. She was not happy when this stopped working and the Captain could not fix it. I hate electronics that are sealed up with 3 wires coming out. Then there is the pump for the head. That one is for both of us. That is already TMI. The Bristol is for me. I like my shinny brightwork. Today the bilge pump seams to need a new impeller.  Now we are starting to talk boat units. ($500).

Ah, it is a busy time of the year.

Just got to wifi. Saturday. Did Thurs but forgot.



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