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December 23, 2015

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We moved over to Falmouth Harbor on Wednesday. We are entering a period of Christmas Winds, and they are starting. The Trades get going good because of weather patterns across the Atlantic. By the time they get to the eastern Caribbean, the winds are approaching 30 kts and the seas get to the 9’-10’ range. That is not were the captain and the Mate are going to be. Last year we were stuck in St Martin for 6 weeks. This year they say they will last till the first of the year then calm down to the normal for this time if year. That is wind in the high teens and seas around 5’-6’. Those are not good, but about as good as it gets.

All year I had hoped to be in St Barts for New Years. Well, it looks like I will be about 70 miles short. We will still get there eventually, but not for the length of time I wanted or the joyous occasion I had hoped for.

Then we will push on to St Martin. I need several items for the boat and that is one of the cheaper places in the Caribbean. Hopefully get things purchased and installed in a timely manner and then move west.

Christmas will include a champagne charity event for the community, followed by a dinner 30 of us cruisers are having. Then it is back to waiting for a weather window. I will get some boat projects done. Been hard this week. I need to chase electrical gremlins. It is hard to tighten wiring connections and crawl in tight places as the boat rolls. The big seas are raping around the southern end of the island and into the bay with occasional 3’ swells. They are hitting us in the stern and causing the boat to surge forward and back. The wind is from our port bow to our starboard bow. That along with the swells causes us to roll back and forth about 5 degrees. Not bad, but gets old.

Had to take a break. A 35 foot sailboat broke free from her mooring and drifted down between our boat and a neighbor boat. Several cruisers got in their dinghies and got control of it and took it back to another mooring for the night. The boat looks closed up for a long time. People do that. They get a mooring and close the boat up for long periods of time while they go home. They normally stay safe during those times. Normally. Well that was our excitement for the day.

Everybody have a very Merry Christmas.

Oh yea, the wifi. There is none. At least they refunded our money. Seems that was also the case last year. Back to hanging out in bars doing your wifi. Hey, it could be worse. Good beer, 80 degrees, good wind, bikini clad eye candy. What’s not to like.



1. Bernie and Jane - December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas and “God bless us everyone.”

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