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Nothing good mind you. We still have 30 knot winds and 7-9 foot seas, therefore we are still held up in Antigua. The winds are starting to slow some, but the seas show no sign of getting into that elusive 4-5 foot range. Even 5-6 would be tolerable. We have decided to skip St Barts totally. If you can not do New Years Eve, screw it. We will do an overnight to St Martin. We have to get parts there, have a sail repaired, repairs to one of the windshield tab that holds it open, a new zipper in the Bimini and its adjoining sun shade. Then there are the water maker spare pump, a replacement pump for the electric head, a repair kit for one of the bilge pumps, speakers for the lap top, batteries for the patio lights. That was off the top of my head…, that means I am forgetting something.

The wind and seas are to get down by late in the week. Tomorrow afternoon we will head back to Jolly Harbor to stage for our overnight towards the week end. Seas should be down some, but a northern swell should enter the mix.

This week has been more normal with laundry and grocery hikes. We decided to have over a couple of cruiser buddies couples for New Years Eve. Heavy ho’rderves. You knew I could not spell that. Not even close enough for spellcheck. That was very enjoyable. At midnight the Dockyard does fireworks, also the Yacht Club and a restaurant. The rest of the world does not know how to do fireworks like the good old USA. The Yacht Club had medium size fireworks with the show lasting about 3-4 minutes. The restaurant did 5 minutes of the size your crazy neighbor finds and buys. The Dockyard did full fledge fireworks. Good ones that lasted 6 minutes.   Thousands of people hike into the Dockyard for 6 minutes. I’m sorry, I need 40 plus minutes of world class fireworks.

That was really all right. We old folks need our beauty sleep. One of our guests had her hand set earlier that day. They were coming to Antigua in the 8-9 foot stuff and a odd wave hit the boat while she was moving from one side of the cockpit to the other. Fell down and bent her little finger and ring finger further back then they should be bent. Broke the bone in her hand that is the ring finger. I was amazed. There med kit has this stuff you cut it to the size you need to make the hard part of a cast. Then you rap your hand or arm to this material and instant cast. No pain pill and doing fine. Just good wine.

Hope your new year is off to a great start.



1. Jane and Bernie - January 7, 2016

Those seas do not sound fun. 2016 Bernard Plan: March retirement for Jane, travel, grandchildren, scout to downsize home, all God willing. Happy New Year and always Godspeed to you.

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