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This is the second island in a row we can say we done it. Did some hiking. 1.5 mile one way. That is the longest I have done in a year. Trying to do more Yoga along with walking more and as we are moving more often, that is exercise of its own. One does not lay around much on a sail boat.

While there, the wind and sea were back in the 20 knot range with 9 foot seas. The bay is very protected. That means no rolling. Good sleeping. It is also cold at night, good sleeping. 76 degrees.

Culebra is quite hilly and a very pretty island. The people are very friendly. Food was good. There are several beautiful beaches plus the diving and snorkeling is among the best. Because of the seas being so heavy we only waded in 2 of them. One was Flamingo Beach, beside Flamingo Lagoon. The beach is one of the top 10 in the world. It is. A little whiter sand and it could be as good as Pensacola Beach.

About the flamingos. The US Government bought this island during WWI. It was used for target practice. The thousands of Flamingos left and have not come back. They gave the people 24 hour to leave. Some did not. The island only had a few hundred people on it to begin with. This went on through WWII when there were around 17,000 troops stationed there. This lasted until Pres. Nixon gave the island back to Puerto Rico. It has grown and there are a few resorts on the island. I think one could have a great vacation week here.

The second beach was Turtle Beach. We talked to some people who had been there before and said you can be surrounded by 2 dozen turtles at a time. The day we were there we did not get into the water, not to rough, just very murky. Talked to one of the pros that run a diving concision and he said it was not a good day to see turtles.

We had rented a gas powered golf cart to tour the island. Perfect vehicle for the island. It was a challenge to get up the hills, but if you know golf cart brakes, it was thrilling on the way down.  We also stopped at a roadside museum. Not normally one of my things. This was a small house but with only one room. It had three DVD viewing area, One was archeological, one pre-European and one its modern history. That DVD on modern history ran for an hour and was the best on something like this I had seen. Someone had the forethought to go and interview and video the people that lived through the military operations. Very interesting stories from both the men and women who lived through those times.

We did the island. One end to the other and one side to the other. Great fun.

Saturday we left for the Isla De Vieques. This is another much larger island that the military tried to blow away. It has a bad crime reputation, so we only anchored for the night in a pretty open bay. Sure enough, back to rolling. Been in worse, but not the good night sleep we had had for a week.

Now we are on the south shore of Puerto Rico visiting some cruising friends who have bought a home and I believe they will be here forever. They like cruising the US and British Virgin Islands. Those islands are all within a days sail, and as nice as the advertising says. A little expensive, but very nice. In 4 trips through them, we have been there, done them.

Tomorrow we start heading west again. Maybe we will find WIFI.



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