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STAGING FOR THE BIG ONE February 27, 2016

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Time to face the Mona Passage for the last time. I have always said that if I went west through the Mona Passage, I was not coming back. We are staged.

We left Salinas and sailed to Ponce and fueled up for our big move. The day had been very pleasant with no wind and swells on the quarter. So we rolled through the first part of the day.

After fueling we headed to Gilligan’s Island. I found out this time it has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show. I had been led to believe that some footage was shot there. Not so. It acquired its nickname from an individual who looked like Gilligan. The nickname stuck. No other claim to fame.

On the mainland there is a nice resort which has a bar with WiFi that we used. It also served a nice, but some what expensive lunch. We were going to use the WiFi and go back for dinner. We looked at the dinner menu, and just did not see something we just had to try. After the lunch prices, we could not afford the dinner anyway. We got our emails done and that will be the last WiFi for a while. We will not stay in the Turks and Caicos, just get fuel and move on to the Bahamas.

As we headed from Ponce to Gilligan’s Island, we had a frontal passage pass over us. The heaviest rain I can ever remember being out in. The wind hit 30 kts. and lightening. One of the strikes was close enough to knock out the auto pilot, radar depth sounder and chart plotter. I got the plotter going after rebooting. The radar and auto pilot came back in the morning. Either they got to wet or the lightening overloaded the boat electronics. That means big Gremlins to me. The loss of the auto pilot and radar would have caused us to return to Ponce and seek professional help with the electronics. Happily those major items came back to life. I have lost the depth sounder. That we will have to get replaced but to day it started to show some life. Not working, but things appeared on the screen. Not all make since, but stuff. It may have gotten to much moisture and maybe drying out for a couple day will bring it back to life. I believe that is what has happened to the other items.

After Gilligan’s Island we moved west and up the west coast of Puerto Rico to Puerto Real. A small town, with a protected harbor and a marina with WiFi. That was good because besides the weather man on the SSB, all my other weather come on the computer. The weather for crossing the Mona is on the edge for the mate. We will have a swell from the north and wind waves from the NE. Those waves could be 7 foot. But it will be with 11 second periods. That should make them livable. Today we moved to Mayaguez. It is an open roadstead at I believe the 3rd largest city on the island. It is very industrial and has no facilities for cruisers. It is the jumping off place to head west. We will leave before light and work our say out past the reefs and then be in the Mona.

Tonight we have some rap around waves coming in to rock us to sleep, or not. The mate is having second thoughts about leaving. That could leave us stuck here for a while. Hope for calming seas for the Nightwatch and crew.



1. Bernie and Jane - February 27, 2016

Master and Commander, calm seas and safe passage – Godspeed.

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