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We started across the Mona at first light. Pleasant SE breeze. You have to travel about 2-3 miles to clear the reefs of western Puerto Rico. The plan was to sail past the Dominican Republic and on to the T & C. The wind was to light to sail so we motor till about 0900. I then added sail and finally shut down the engine and sailed. It is amazing how little pure sailing we have done on this trip. Either to much or to little weather or being in a hurry and just run the rum line. The wind and seas fell directly astern of us and it was very nice for motor sailing. One gets across the Mona as fast as you can. It has a reputation for getting stormy very fast. We were lucky and the pleasant weather lasted all night and with a full moon. Can’t beat that.

The next morning found the wind and seas directly astern of us. We were off the east coast of the DR. Then the wind started to build. And the seas. I tied a preventer on the main boom and led it through a very heavy chock to a cleat. That lasted till about noon when the bolt holding in the one end of the chock broke. That chock took most of the strain during hurricane Ivan. So much strain that it was bent. But never broke loose. Time to shorten sail. Maybe past time. As the day moved on the seas and wind continue to build. Winds got into the mid 20’s and the seas averaged 4-5 with some 6 footers thrown in the mix. Our weatherman said things were only going to get worse through the upcoming night. He advised that seeking an alternative destination may be a good idea. I had already come to that conclusion. So we headed towards Ocean World Marina on the north coast of the DR. It is a nice marina but on the expensive side, especially if you do not know how long your will be pined in there. So here we are.

The plan is to leave tomorrow if possible. We have to check out and that is an ordeal. Can be very time consuming. You get to visit Customs, Immigration and a visit from the Navy. Then you get your dispatchio. There are fees to go with that also. If all went well we might get out by noon. We should have made the decision earlier in the day, cleared today and left at sun up. That is because we were planning on leaving either Wednesday of Thursday. We had all the time in the world, but let some nice days slip by as we moved towards the Bahamas. April 1 is Grandkid day in Georgetown. Houses rented, plane tickets bought. Money spent. We will give it our best without risking life and limb.

My work list grew a little and some of the items have been removed. The depth sounder that lasted after the near lightening strike, did not wake up after we turned it off. It does not put out a signal. That means you have no depth. The Bahamas are one of the last places you want to go and not have a good feel for where the bottom is. Sometimes the bottom is on top of the water. New depth sounder is on order.

Hopefully we can complete our trip to the T & C and move on to the Bahamas. The Navigator just told me Tuesday does not look that good anymore. She has never liked Wednesday, so it is back to Thursday.



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