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Not that staying in fancy marinas isn’t nice, but they are expensive. Besides the slip, you pay for water and electricity and the garbage when they catch you. This was only the 6th time we have stayed at a marina in 2 plus years. The boat is self sufficient for power and water. This marina is about 90 percent weekenders and day fishing boats. The water is very clean so making water is not a problem. The wind generator makes most of the electricity during the weather fronts with winds in the 20’s. Even with these wind events, there is very little clouds and rain. Therefore the solar panels are shutting down by noon because we are full up on electricity. Therefore the marina does not get to sell us there expensive water and electricity. The place is still ridicules.

So we were off again to the Turks and Caicos. The goal is to get to Georgetown for the grandkid by April 3rd. The T&C are about half way from the DR. That is one overnight. The weather looks like a dream come true for the mate. No wind, no seas. I have only seen really flat seas and no wind 2-3 times in my life, then they do not last long. The mate dreams of days of flat seas and no wind we can link together. Sure.

6 A.M. we are off. No wind and some 2-3 foot left over swells. As the day go on they die away. The night is beautiful with to many stars it is hard to figure out where the constellations are. We make good time and our fuel consumption is good. We get to the T&C about 2-3 hours early. Plan “B” was to continue on to Mayaguana Island in the Bahamas. Still no wind or seas and we arrive at Mayaguana about another hour early in the mid afternoon Friday. Plan “B+” was to go on to Long Island and hide in the Marina at Clarencetown. The weather window was to turn very windy Sunday. If we could get there we would be only 70 miles from Georgetown. We did have to stop at the marina to get fuel. 2 hours later we are off to Georgetown.

This is our 3rd overnight in a row. My mind is turning to mush from lack of a good full night sleep. Oh, my electrical gremlins are back. They come and they go. They have taken up residency in my oil pressure and water temp gages. They occasionally move them in unison. That really makes you wonder about there accuracy. Well more then wonder. When they do that, I check the engine with my laser temp gage. Engine is running below normal. That is OK, so am I at this point.

Sunday morning we can see Georgetown. The wind is starting to pick up to about 15 knots and a wind chop is starting to build…, 1-2 feet. We are running back and forth because it is 4 A.M. and one does not enter strange ports in the dark. Therefore, we go very slow and take in the little sail I have out. We start heading into the entrance about 7 A.M. and anchored by 8:30. 72.5 hours of engine time. Now I am here 3 weeks early and I can try to find my gremlins. First I have to service my poor old engine. It is past due on oil change, fuel filters, impeller and zinc. That will be a good start. Then I can clean the boat. Get back to my varnishing. If the 25-30 knot winds ever stop. In the mean time, the mate has died and gone to heaven because she got to Georgetown and will be here to see the grandkid. It will be a good time. Even I am getting excited.



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