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We are back in Georgetown Bahamas. This is a place we stopped for a short period as we all chased the clock going east a couple years ago. There are at least 3 major stopping areas for the cruisers going east. The first is Marathon in the Florida Keys. The second is Georgetown in the Bahamas and the last is Grenada. Many cruisers go to the Bahamas every year. The water is unbelievable. The country is English speaking and feels like home. There is a large cruising community that goes their every year and has for years. You have 1-month-old newbie’s and cruisers who are heading home to the States of Canada. Then there is the community that comes here year after year. All three areas have there own feel that is totally different from the others.

This time we met up with two of our boat buddies from Canada that are heading home. One of the couples we met in the Turks and Caicos 2 years ago and have traveled with them on and off as we visited the Eastern Caribbean. Tonight we had what may have been the good buy dinner if we do not run across one another in the next 2 months. We did not travel a lot together, but ended up in the same places a lot of times. Facebook is nice that we will be able to follow each other in the next chapters of our lives. They are in there middle 40’s and are already planning on there return trip. We hope they can meet there dream of returning in 5 years, It is a wonderful spot in the world.

Alright, back to geology 201. Hope you kept up. The Bahamas are basically coral on limestone that was pushed up by continental drift. If you look at my Facebook you will see pictures of layers of coral on top of layers of limestone. Limestone is the settlement of the stuff in the sea that as it get stacked on itself gets pressed into limestone. The islands are not very high, in fact there are many island one can stand on the bowsprit and see over the island. It is a beautiful country of thousands of islands set in the most beautiful water there is. If the water was 10 degrees warmer, it would be perfect. My opinion.

The pictures show the coral and the limestone. The beaches are almost as white as Pensacola’s sand and somewhat softer. It is a lime sand and not a quarts sand. A little finer between the toes.

Two and a half weeks till the grandkid gets here. We are getting excited. Even old Grandpa. We are straight across the bay from the resort they are going to stay at. It is less then a mile across. That will make it an easy trip back and forth. This past weekend we did two hikes to the Atlantic ocean. One was very easy the other we did with a clime to the Monument atop Monument Hill.

The rest of this week and the next we must work on the boat. It needs it.



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