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Let’s see. The first week here it blew gusting 30 kts. Last week it settled down to light and variable and pretty warm, except the water. It is about 75 degrees. You get your feet in the water up to your knees, landing the dinghy on the beach. The few steps going ashore and your feet are numb. I am afraid to get my whole body in it. I need to. Our waterline is getting scummy. That means the boat bottom is getting strange creatures growing on it. The scum on the water line is growing black patches. This is animal stuff. It is wormy and some have baby shrimp in it you can also find barnacles in it. All very small and living in this black patch that can be the size o a dime or bigger then your hand. You use a 4 inch sheetrock mud blade and gently scrape the bottom. The stuff falls apart. I wish it would fall apart when the boat is going through the water. The scrapper also works on the barnacles. Now the wormy things. They go looking for a new home. I am a very hairy person. They think they went to heaven. I where a long sleeve spandex type tee shirt. It keeps those critters at bay and keep the sun from cooking me .

If you recall, I said it was time to work on the boat. Back in late October and early November I wooded out the boat and finished with several coats of varnish. I then started coating all that with Bristol. A two part acrylic varnish. It is miserable stuff to work with. I ended up with all the Bristol there was in the Windwards and Leewards. For real.   Therefore I never finished any of the wood all the way. I got 4 coats of Bristol on the cockpit cap rail, 3 coats on the taft rail and none on the hull/deck cap rail. I was told to wait till I got to St Martin. They will have some for me. They did. The regional manager had them with my name on them. Now that is service.

I know have 8 coats on both the cockpit cap rail and the taft rail. I need to put a coat or two more varnish on the hull/deck cap rail before I apply the Bristol. Oh, and I do not have enough Bristol to put 8 coats on the rail. That’s OK. My knees,, hips and back will not last through 10 coats. It can wait till we get back to Florida.

Right know I am in a holding pattern this week. They get weather fronts like in the States. They come every 6-7 days. A little rain, maybe a thunderstorm and then 5 days of wind. Back to gusting 30 kts. There is one positive point. The windmill makes more electricity then we can use. We use the Vacuum cleaner, power tools, play the stereo all day and I am still looking for a place to tie into the local grid. They need it. You can be in a store and the power goes out for maybe 10 minutes of so. Hey, shop some more. The stores are all small and have lots of windows. No lights, no problem mon, no AC, you dream of course. Just no computer with the bar code reader and credit card reader. Now the marine stores, the most expensive places on the island, have backup power. No problem mon, just step this way and you can check out when your ready.

During the wind, I guess I might have to work on my electrical gremlins. I might get really motivated and attack them. Maybe.

The wind is howling away outside. The bay looks like the inside of a wash machine. It makes the inside of the boat bounce around. Walking from point a to b is funny to watch, scary for you to do. It is suppose to lay down on Thursday. The weather is on Island time also…, that means mayby Friday.



1. Jane - March 23, 2016

Your scraping the animal stuff and the wormy things looking for a new home brings visions of the old classic movie, “African Queen,” with Captain Allcut pulling his boat thru the reeds and mud….only his wormy creatures were leeches ugh! Good you can write with what sounds like a little humor about it – or maybe NOT! All for the love of the Nightwatch and cruising!

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