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Counting the days till Sunday. Then they get here in the afternoon. Sunday and Monday is supposed to be good weather days. Then we are to have a string of cold fronts like one has during the winter. One of the weather services even talks about tropical lows. My main man does not…, so far. That would really be a bummer if the weather turns that bad. It is hard and very wet getting across the bay. Depending on the wind direction, we may move over to town. Then all we have to do is get to the resort. We will figure it out.

In the mean time this past few days I have put the last coat of varnish on the hull/deck cap rail. Today I started putting on Bristol. I have 2.5 coats on and tomorrow will finish the Bristol I have in stock. With some luck I will have completed 3 full coats. That will last me till the fall when I can put on another coat or 2. I will also put a coat on the other cap rails.

The mate wants to be at a pier during the summer and have electricity and A/C. That will be different. If we re at a pier I can wood out the rub rail and refinish them. They are small and go pretty easy. I use a different coating on them and it is cheap and easy to apply. I put on 3 coats of the undercoat and 3 coats of the top gloss. Looks good for about 6 months.

I scrubbed the water line of the growth last week. There are areas around the stern and the rudder I can not get. I have an idea to attach my scrapper to a boat hook and try that. Probably loose another scrapper.

Beside my making the outside shine, the mate is doing a super cleaning job on the inside. You know how it is when your kids come. Got to show them up. Like Mom has not lost here touch. Now we are both neat freaks, so the boat does not need all that much cleaning. Just getting those corners that may not get a good job done during normal cleaning.

One of the problem with the Bahamas is that it is made up of a lot of little islands. That makes finding a marine store difficult, Other than Nassau, you are left with small stores attached to a marina. They do not carry all the brand products I use for cleaning and polishing. Remember the problem I had with getting Bristol. That will have to wait till we get back to Florida. There are other brand products that we have found do a good job while minimizing the elbow grease. I like them.

The other problem with the Bahamas is costs. Everything is really, really expensive. Groceries, paper products, marine supplies. Everything. They also have added a VAT tax this past year. It replaces their income tax. It is easer to collect. Just add it to the receipt and hit the tourists. Yes the people also pay the VAT when they buy stuff. I just do not like paying taxes, let alone someone else’s.

Six days and counting. That means there could be a week or two delays in the next spirited writing of this blog.



1. Jane and Bernie - March 28, 2016

Keep up the good work. I amsure the Nightwatch looks beautiful. Enjoy the family. Hope Lara and Anas and Laila get some good days of sun.and warm temps. Those of us from the Midwest can appreciate Telluride folks needing that. Give our love to all.

sailingnightwatch - April 4, 2016

First day was great. Lots of fun.

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