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WEEK TWO April 11, 2016

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About 2 days into week one and the grandkid came down with a large cold. She got 2 days in the cold water and that did her in. About 3 days later the Capt. came down with his cold. Today is Monday and I spend most of it getting better. The Grandkid is pretty good and tomorrow it is back to shell hunting on the Atlantic side of the island.

One of the goals of the week is to spend some time at Chat and Chill. It is a beach bar with great hamburgers. There are beaches on 2 sides of the bar, picnic benches on 1/3 and trash on what’s left. Beside the picnic benches are 2 volley ball courts. There are also various swings and tight ropes for the kids that have no fear.

On Sunday during the season (Thanksgiving to Easter) there is a beach church that is held at the picnic tables. The kids clime up into the trees. There pews. Last Sunday, a girl dropped her song book which went sailing down and right over the man giving the sermon head. The girl about 12 turned beat red for the rest of the service.

There is also a conk shack a little further down the beach. He makes fresh conk salad. He will give you the inners of the conk and you can wade into the water and feed stingrays out of your hand. That is really not a smart thing to do, but I have never heard of someone being stung while feeding them. They will gather around you weather you have food or not. When they are not being fed, they glide off and land on the bottom and flop sand over there bodies. Now you can not see them. If you step on one, you get speared with their tail. Venomous tail. Oh yea, the favorite food of hammerhead sharks is stingrays. Yep, they are lurking around also. Ah, living in nature.

One day we hiked over the island to the Atlantic side. Looked for sea shells. We have taken a couple loads back to the resort. Still at least one more load to go. Tomorrow while at Chat and Chills we will go across the small bay to another trail to the Atlantic side. This area is a little more rugged and has a lot more shells. Great.

Thursday my son and his wife came for a few days. It was wonderful. He muled parts I needed for the outboard and the boat. The new prop for the outboard replaced the new one I got in Puerto Rico. That one had the same numbers on it but just did not have the torque. This one is the right one and moves us along like it should.

Saturday my son went Bone fishing in the morning. He caught 4. The high point of his trip.

We had the who family on the boat for lunch. I convinced my son to help install the transducer for my new depth sounder. 15 minute job. ½ hour max. Three hours later we have the transponder installed. Yes we did that with the boat in the water and opened up a 2 inch hole in the bottom of the boat. Cleaned out the old calk and installed the new one. Probably took on 200 gallons of water while doing this. My son did the diving, the two wives were communicators between the diver and my son-in-law and I in the bottom of the boat removing the old transducer . Beating it out would be a more accurate description.

This ordeal meant we did not make it to Chat and Chill. This made Dad the Grinch of the day. But I have a working depth sounder. Something one really needs when cruising the Bahamas.

Dad buying dinner was the least we could do.

Son and daughter-in-law were leaving Sunday afternoon. So we went and had a big Sunday Brunch at a local restaurant. It was very good.

Today the cold really got hold. I was feeling about 60%. The mate went to play with the granddaughter and make home made bread. I finished wiring the depth sounder and slept away over ½ the day. Feel like I might get over this cold fast and enjoy the rest of the kids vacation. Tomorrow is Chat and Chill, and finding shell on the Atlantic side, or Grandpa is fish bait.



1. Bernie and Jane - April 11, 2016

Hmmm….colds sounds familiar. Bern and I got back from CA with colds. Spent 1st week of retirement in and out of bed recovering. Making home/yacht repairs a family event – wow! Congrats! Haven’t figured that one out yet. Enjoy the rest of the visit and love to all and always Godspeed. LOL on the “Good News” falling from the trees!

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