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Yep, and we are melancholy. When she came she was in the middle of a cold. Little did we know. Our daughter was also on the mend, maybe better then the granddaughter. The son –in-law was over a light case. He says this is the elementary school curse. As soon as you get symptoms of anything, you lift up your shirt and check for spots. You can hack, sneeze, sniff and still show up for work. Have a red spot and you better not leave your home. The end results. They were all back to almost 100% by the end of the first week. Now, they are back home and well, we, on the other hand are alive in Paradise with the Rock Mountain Cold. The germs did not get the playbook. One does not get sick in Paradise. This is the first sniffle since leaving 2 years ago. We even missed Chickengungha Fever. Thank goodness. That spelling is probably not right. But I know the symptoms.

As week 2 progressed the granddaughter was on the mend and a lot more fun to be around. Did not go sailing. Most of the time it was very windy. I did get her driving the dinghy. Also got her over to the beach bar, ”Chat and Chill”. It is on a beach with volley ball courts, a playground for the kids that have more used rope then a fleet of cruisers. They are tied up in the trees and the kids swing from picnic tables or jump out of the trees, hanging on for dear life.

My granddaughter is into skiing and rock climbing. During the winter they practice rock climbing at the high school wall. Not only is it vertical but also horizontal. That means you hang from the ceiling by your finger tips. She is waiting for spring thaw so she can get out on the real cliffs. I remember when she was in pre-school and repelling down cliffs. I thought then, “what could this lead too”.

At the playground, the older boys, 10ish are climbing a large tree, walking out on a limb while holding on the a higher limb. They catch the rope and jump off the limb. It is 10-12 feet in the air. Shoot, this is baby stuff for a rock climber. She goes up the tree with the best of the boys. They get to the walk the limb part and things slow. The difference in height between a 10 year old boy and a 8 year old girl is about 30%. The boys are balancing by holding on to this limb over there head. The granddaughter does get standing on the limb and catches the rope. She is hanging on to the trunk of the tree. That does not allow her to get out where one can have a clear swing. The upper limb is a good foot over her head. She chickens out, gives the rope to one of the boys and climbs down the tree. You think that’s the end , huh? Hell no. She goes back to swinging on the ropes from picnic tables and kicking off the trees. All the while she is studying that tree. The boys have another tree they climb and then cross over to the limb they jump from. That would put her 2 feet below anything to hold on to. Surprisingly, she did not try it. She was wearing a swim suit and the limb was gnarly, so she did not try scooting out on the limb. Back to swinging from the picnic tables.

I turn around and she is gone. She was playing with a cruising girl and they had built sand castles by the beach between swings on the ropes. The cruiser girl is on the beach, but no grandkid. Ah, grandpa knows. A little higher up the main trunk she is perched, rope in hand. The wheels in her head are in high gear trying to figure out how to get in position on the rope and get around the trunk of the tree while in free fall from her jump. The boys are up there saying, “na, that is not going to work.” She reluctantly give the rope to one of the boys and climbs down the tree. The wheels are still going and you know she is not done. Ah, but time at the beach has about ran out. She spend the last few minutes going off the picnic table and looking at that tree and limb. She was not defeated, only delayed.

Grandpa could have show here how to get out there without tearing up here legs, but grandpa is suppose to have wisdom at times. She will figure it out. The wheels are still spinning. And grandpa, well he had a grandkid driving the dinghy back to the boat and no scraped up, battered up grandkid.

The boys. They were impressed by her climbing the tree as fast as they could and getting out on the limb to the limits of her hand holds. There sisters do not do things like that. At least not that this grandpa has seen. They did not realize they had met a super fast downhill skier/ Rock Mountain rock climber…, in the making.

More stuff happened and I will add to it next week. It is Monday and the wind is blowing again. We are discussing where to go from here. Hope to get to Long island later this week. That is still under discussion.



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