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CHAT AND CHILL April 25, 2016

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Well she got home and back to school. Not wanting to go to school the first day, but back to Chat and Chill. She found out about cruising kids and wanders why she could not be one. They could move on the boat with Grandma and Grandpa. I just do not think that would work. Love my kids, but I did my time with them. Now it is their turn. They seem to be doing pretty good without our being in their daily lives. The grandkid want to insure we are in George Town next year. She also had her mother try to explain why they do not have ropes hanging from the trees above the picnic benches in their park. It is hard to explain the wonders of attorneys and their desire for money to an 8 Y.O.

My son and his wife came for an extended weekend in the middle of the grandkid’s stay. They got in on Thursday afternoon. Friday we took a tour of the southern end of the island. Learned about the islands history including the salt industry and the drug industry. You remember the Columbian connection to our east coast. All these islands have little airports. They also have a lot of fast boats. The tour stopped at a good little restaurant for lunch. Other then that, as tours go this one was a little above boring.

Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast and walk over to the Atlantic side of the island we are anchored by. While here, the grandkid must have collected 5 pounds of sea shells. She found some shells I have never seen before.

My son went Bone Fishing, Saturday morning. The high spot of his trip. He caught 4 of various size. He was fly fishing. He has done some fly fishing before, but never for Bone Fish. I understand that you stand on the front of a big john boat and cast in front of them. Have to get close enough to get there interest, but not to close or you spook them.

Saturday afternoon we were going over to Chat and Chill. This was before the grandkid had seen the place. Good thing. If you recall, My depth meter went out a few week back. Well my son brought a new one to replace the old one. I figured it would take the two of us a half hour to do the job. You unscrew the old one from the bottom of the boat and screw in the new one. What can be so hard.

The old one would not unscrew. Not even a little bit. I did a good job when I put it in 19 years ago. My son would take a breath and dive under the boat and pry the flange loose. I and my son-in-law, on the inside would chisel and pry out pieces from the top. It was about 2 ½ inches long. It was not meant to be broken out. My daughter and daughter-in-law were our communication link between my son on the outside and my son-in-law and I in the bottom of the boat.

Finally it starts to break loose. Oh, I failed to mention that not only is it 2-1/2 inches long, it is 2 inches in diameter and 3 feet below the water line. Do you have any idea how much water can come through a 2 inch hole in the bottom of a boat. Yes, we are in the water. A lot of water. The first thing out of my son-in-law’s mouth is “we are sinking!!” About now the flooding alarm goes off. It is a car horn. It is very loud. I went and disconnected the horn and my son-in-law is stuffing rags in the hole trying to slow our demise.

The grandkid thinks she is going to drowned. Grandma gets to stop the screaming and crying that was about as loud as the flooding alarm. Her father then got angry at her for screaming. He should not have done that. Grandma, wife and sister-in-law got all over him for saying we were sinking in the first place and scaring the kid. He was pretty quiet for the rest of the project.

The water was coming in faster then the bilge pump could take it out so I set up a second bilge pump. That stopped the sinking, but there still was a lot of water coming in.

After cleaning the old calk out of the hole, the new transponder when in and did not leak. The wires were plugged in and it worked. Job done. Only 3 hours. It was now time to go back to the resort, clean up and head for dinner. Grandpa turned out to be the Grinch that stole Saturday.

I was happy with a new depth sounder, the son was happy with Bone Fishing and coming up close and personal with a 3-foot barracuda that had taken up residency under the boat. Son and barracuda got along fine. Both were inquisitive and after staring each other down, they went back to what they do. The ladies were happy to not be sitting in the park with the sun beating down on them. The grandkid did not know what she had missed, plus got the excitement of being on a sinking boat…, for a few minutes.

The son went home Sunday and the next few days we traveled George Town, ate in more restaurants, and got to Chat and Chill’s. This is a beach bar with picnic tables with ropes hanging over a couple of them. Also a tightrope, a big rope swing, volley ball courts, and a beach. The beach is also populated by sting rays. And a bunch of people.

The grandkid met a girl her age that is a cruising kid. Something the grandkid had never thought of existing. A real different lifestyle that has swinging ropes in it. She should see what you can do swinging from ropes tied to the mast. We also got the grandkid driving the dinghy.



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