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OH MY, STILL HERE May 3, 2016

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing the ICW.

Well here, but waiting for mail. Our Credit Card Co. decided to change from VISA to Master Card. So for the past week and a half, the card have been with the postal service…, someplace.

In the mean time, the weather has been perfect for moving north. Now the weather window maybe closing for the last half of the week and into the weekend. At least that is what out weather guru says. The other two services do not see it that way. Well until we get the cards, it is a mute subject. If the weather turns bad and gets better the first of next week, the cards will be canceled and we will go with plan “B”. We will be moving on. May is clicking away and here we sit. We found a place to go in Florida for the summer and we have a work list to do on the boat that will take a year. Remember, those lists never get done. They only grow.

We have about 4 places we want to visit charted out. There are another 5 that we have not plotted out yet. That is about 3 weeks of cruising. Then we have to beat feet to FL and start our way to Tampa. That will also take a couple weeks. That would put us into July. Getting into hurricane season. Need to be tied someplace by August.

Today I cleaned the prop and did some cleaning of the bottom. Did enough to know I am beyond doing the whole bottom. Tomorrow there is suppose to be a diver coming in the afternoon to do the job.

I have a couple big projects I would like to finish before we get serious about heading to the States. I have to rebuild the forward head and put the old pump back on the water maker. Then I can tear the new pump apart and find out why it does not pump like it should. I may have screwed it up when I set it up and put it together, like misalignment.


1. Bernie and Jane - May 6, 2016

Its amazing what must be done and how much you do yourself! Hope to see you soon (August/September). Godspeed always.

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