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FALLING APART May 16, 2016

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW, South Florida.

No not me…, well maybe me to. No, it is the boat. Do not know if I mentioned, we developed a leak in the water maker’s Clark Pump. I believe it is an “o” ring that blew. The Clark Pump is the high pressure pump that forces the water through a membrane that cleans the water. The pump develops over 1000 PSI. The pump is to put out about 8 gallons an hour under perfect conditions. That is in a laboratory. In reality on a great day it may do 7. 6+ is more the norm. It is now doing about 3+ with the rest going into the bilge. That is expensive bilge water. That is making us conserve water. Something we have not been known for. We do not even know how to conserve. We here what some of our friends do and we just can’t imagine. Needless to say, this is a critical problem. Buying anything in the Bahamas is ridiculously expensive. Labor is also very expensive. An “O” ring I probably have. It is the 2 special tools that I need to get to the “O” ring. Now is there a company that handles this type water maker, do they have the parts, do they have the tools or the expertise. It is suppose to have a lifetime warrantee. Sure would not want to jeopardies that deal.

Therefore with the other little pump problems, we are headed home. I am not happy at all, but the mate is well past ready. I to am ready. There are lots of projects that have to be done and the mate says she would be ready to go back to the Bahamas after Christmas. Hope so.

We are now in West Bay in New Providence, staged for the trip to Florida. As usual we are waiting a weather window. We would like to do it non-stop. That would take 3 perfect days. I am ready. Right know we seem to have a group of lows coming off of Cape Hatters that is enhancing the trade winds. It looks like this could last at least a week. That is a bit long, but I can work on the project list.

Tomorrow I need to work on one of my electrical gremlins. I hope it is a grounding problem on the main engine. If so that will be easy, just one of those boat problems you can not get to from here. That’s normal.

When we get to Florida, I want to slow down and see some of S Florida. The mate, not so much. She wants to see us tied up and plugged into the Air Conditioning. She has plans to visit her sisters and the grandkid. That sounds good. I have lots to do on the boat to get her ready to sail again. So we both have plans. It will be good to see the relatives again. After getting the boat mostly back together I must complete the loop and sail to Pensacola. I would like to do that as soon as possible.


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