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I’M LATE WITH MY BLOG June 4, 2016

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To bad. Been an interesting, busy week. We spent 2 days in Marco island. Other then an afternoon thunderstorm and lunch at a WiFi bar, things were good. In fact, after the bugs in Little Shark River, this was very nice.

The only negative was when we got underway. Forgot that the bottom of the bay is mud. Sticky mud. When we were eating breakfast, we were watching a couple beside us getting under way. They were both on the bow. She was on her hands and knees scrubbing the mud from their chain and he was running the windlass bringing up more muddy chain. The chain looked like rope. It was that covered with mud. We figured they had been there for a period of time. Wrong!

8:00 am. Time to head for Ft Myers Beach. Run up the anchor. We have a wash down system that is to wash off the mud. After a half hour the thermal couple trips the pump off. Luckily we had the anchor off the bottom but not totally out of the water. The mud was terrible. We washed and washed the chain, but there was still mud on it. The deck was covered with mud.

Got to sail for an hour. Then no wind and we motored on to Ft Myers Beach. We got a mooring ball there. We were meeting friends from 15 years ago that lived on a boat in Pensacola. Really a neat time. They have two teenage daughters. The older one is a very successful Laser sailor. She moved up a class to Radicals this year. Last year in the regular Lasers she ranked 2ed in the nation. Not to shabby. Now she has to build the points back up to rank that high. She feels she will be back up there before year end and qualify for international regattas. Their younger daughter is a goalie on their school soccer team. She is very good. She also has high aspirations to move up in the sport. Two very talented kids. A real neat family. It was great being able to meet up with them again.

The next day it was off to Cape Haze. This is a neighborhood that surrounds a small bay. We got in around 6 pm and got anchored in time to watch sunset in this beautiful neighborhood. One problem. This place has a muddier bottom then Marco Island. Again the deck is covered with mud.

We are off to Longboat Key. This is the beginning of Memorial day weekend. Beside Longboat Key is Jewfish Key. There was a party there. With out exaggerating, there were hundreds of boats there. Made the number of boats for the Blues look like nothing. Almost all were small powerboats. They left by midnight for home. In the morning there was maybe 20 larger powerboats left.

We left for St Pete. My son lives there and they met us on the water.   He had come up with a different marina for us to stay at that was a lot closer to where he lives. Not so good. You can only spend a weekend on your boat at the marina. We are looking for 6 months. So we anchored in a bay a couple miles from my sons house for the rest of Memorial Day Weekend.Then off to Westshore YC. We had been having a hard time touching base with them over the weekend to confirm a slip at there marina. Through emails the last few weeks, they said they had a place for us. They did and we are in their marina. Life has changed. As much water as we want. A shower a day. Electricity! That means air conditioning. That is great because it has been very hot here for this time of year.

The last 3 days we have been cleaning the boat and awning. I have started on the hull today after chipping away huge oysters on the pier. Tomorrow I hope to complete washing the hull. Then it will be cleaning the stainless that is covered with rust. I need to get some deck cleaner to remove the stain from the mud we got into at those two anchorages.

We have no car. We have no phone. Getting the phone taken care will cause a lot of things to start happening to get the boat working again. We are going to rent a car for a day every other week and get our stuff taken cared. At least that is the plan.



1. Bernie and Jane - June 4, 2016

Welcome Back.

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