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That’s right, we are having tropical storm Colin. Spent yesterday tying the boat up for possible 60 mile per hour winds. Well so far the one band hit us with 38 kts. Our boat sets east and west. The wind is out of the south, therefore we get a lot of healing and pulling on the lines that are tied to the floating dock. So far all is well. Tropical storms we stay on board. I really do not trust floating dock since Ivan. Really with out a car, we could only go to the club house. That would be ok, it is built like a fort. Just that they close the place early during the week.

Other then this weather thing, we got here Tuesday. Spent the afternoon getting tied and hooked up. Wednesday I started scrubbing the boat. It had not been washed good since last August. Now I have to got some deck and hull cleaner to really clean it up. Tomorrow we should get the phone. That will allow me to start working on the major projects. We are going to rent a car for a day of two every other week and take care shopping etc.

With the bad weather the wifi started working last evening. It has worked all day today with the wind and rain. We are afraid to shut it off. It may never come back. It is slow, but it is here on the boat. That is wonderful. We must be close to a quarter mile from the club house. That is a long walk for the wifi connection. I guess I can count it as exercise. It would not be any fun in a driving rain.

Tomorrow Colin is suppose to be out into the Atlantic. That will allow me to get back to work on the boat. Even start on the major projects. Wahoo!

Another feeder ban going by. Makes the boat roll. After being in the ICW and bays for 2 weeks it is nice to feel the boat move. Big pier, small cleats. Hope they hold.   I am in a 60 foot slip. Most of the boats are in the mid 50 foot range. Across the main pier are 70 to 85 footers. Only a few did any preparation for the storm. It is interesting to see how some of the boats are tied. A few large double braided lines and that is it. My neighbor uses granny knots to tie to a cleat. Scary.



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