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With the tropical storm we did have one more good feeder ban during the middle of the night. Caused me to get up and look around. The wind had started to shift from the south to the west. The wind was still strong, but the direction put it almost straight on the bow. That made for some good sleeping for the rest of the night.

Tuesday started as with the tropical storm finely leaving the area. Still some rain squalls around. Now it rains sometime during the day. Getting tired of it. I believe yesterday was the first day with out rain.   It may have rained during the night.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning the port side of the hull. Today we finished the cleaning. Now it needs a good waxing. No buffer, guess I can’t do that.

About a year ago our aft air conditioner died. That was not a big problem in the island where the trades blow hard. In Tampa, with no wind and rain, it is hot and muggy. Therefore I ordered a new unit. To my surprise, it was to be delivered today. That meant after finishing the hull, I had to dig out a old rusty 50 air conditioner. The mate and I were just lifting the old unit off the boat when the dock master comes rolling up with the new unit sitting in the back seat of his golf cart. Nothing better then having a big healthy 30 year old to carry the new unit and put it on the deck and take away the old one.

About dinner time I fired it up. A small water leak where I attached the water hoses. A turn with the screwdriver to a hose clamp and all works like new. The mate is heading for bed and was commenting about it being cold in our stateroom. Have not heard that for over 2 years.

Next to call the water maker people and set up their coming over to find my leak. I think it is an “O” ring. I think. I hope, that sounds inexpensive.



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