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Have not had a father’s day with a kid since they were in high school. We sailed from the YC to Treasure Island where my son lives on Friday. We had them on board for Sundowners and dinner on Friday. He has 2 boats, all be it, “fishing boats”, one is 33 feet and could well have a group on board for sundowners. They are going to the Keys in late July and they do sundowners down there. He has to learn more then just fishing. All was good.

Saturday I took advantage of having a driver and car. So number one son and I drove around to the boat store, hardware store, propane store, and I do not remember where else. The mate and I are into renting a car every two weeks for a day of shopping, laundry and what ever else. This was a good day for me without renting a car. I am trying to get supplies for rebuilding pumps, and replacing things that just broke or worn away. I have spent $500 on just stuff. Started making appointments for major things to be repaired. The wind mill, water maker and head repairs.

Then we spent Saturday and Sunday afternoon tracking his wiring harness in his big boat. He has some gremlins and no wiring diagram. We got the main circuits figured out. At least how they get from the batteries to the motors. There are things that happen on the way we can not find or know how they work. Little switches that combined batteries with hundreds of amp hours together. I know how that works, but not where it is happening. Frustrating.

One of the mates sisters fell and broke a hip. Therefore the mate is going to their house to be a care giver. Not so much for her sister, but the brother-in-law is an invalid and needs 24 hour a day help. So the mate may be gone for 6 weeks to help out. It is good that we are here to lend a hand.

When she leaves there, we will probably meet in Colorado to spend a week or so with the grandkid. This should be interesting. Her summertime hobby is rock climbing. I have a hard time finding oxygen a 100 feet above sea level. Hiking on the flat is hard on the old knees. Hiking mountains is not good. Have not been in the mountains for 7 years. I find at this age, 7 years makes a big difference. Got to keep up with the Yoga and maybe grab some weights for 6 weeks. May at least keep me alive.

Been promising some pics on Facebook. I have the pics, just have to get them posted. Will try that in a few minutes.



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