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I have 1 of 2 TV’s working. Last night I watched the ESPS. The wrestler has a good writer. Monday I spent the night at my son’s. Tuesday and Wednesday I do not know what I did after dinner. That’s when I write this thing. Blog….

Anyway, last week was check out Ralph week. I am still working on the outside boat projects, but time to meet new docs. First was the dentist. Told you about that.

Also mentioned I went to the eye doc. Cataracts in September.

Monday was the Dermatologist. Yea this bothered me. I got a thing, shall we say growth in my ear. Come on it looks like a wart. Don’t worry. I will do that for you. I have not taken blood pressure meds for 2 years. My blood pressure has been where your heart doctor would do cartwheels. Till Sunday. I felt like it was high, I was stressing about Monday. Yea it was high. I tried to chill. HA.

I’m in the waiting area. One of the things I have noticed when in public places in mid Florida that we did not see in Pensacola is people a lot older than I am. That is good because I was abscessing on being old. Finding people walking around and talking and driving normally is nice. Till this guy sits beside you in the waiting room that has 25% of his face rapped up…, and it is seeping. The blood pressure probably spiked again. Well other then the ear thing, I have had several spots on my arms, and skin tags that I never had before.. All right, They say my “skin has matured and it is beginning to bloom”. PLEASE….

Then she walks around with a Nitrogen gun. “You have some pre-cancer thing”eys. They get zapped. Told that I need to be checked once a year. I can do that. The ear, that gets a long “hmmmm”. Did not like that. Got numbed, biopsied and cauterized. “7-10 days”. What ever. If a regular MD was near me I would probably be on high blood pressure pill again. Her biopsy, she probably got to the second layer of skin from the wrong side of my ear. When home I took my head light I use when working in the engine room. Held it behind my ear. The hole she took out would hold a 4 inch diameter ear ring. So now I live at the low end of high blood pressure for someone in there 50’s. So they say.

Remember the auto-pilot. It drowned. They could not get it to power up. I could get it to power up. but could not go to standby or off. Because time have changed, to have an auto pilot, I need a new system. That is a chart plotter, auto pilot, radar, weather instrument, fluxgate compass, and course computer. Now if I get that, not really knowing the real price. They give me a $1900 rebate. If that is 20%, that is $10 grand. That ain’t going to happen.

Yea, I am still surviving as an old bachelor. I can still cook. Another month



1. Jane Bernard - July 14, 2016

Spent three weeks with “The Mate,” aka my sister helping our sister and her hubby. Mary can “kick ass” when it comes to hard work and “overseeing” a tough project like cleaning an almost “hoarder’s dream” home. Bernie says, “Command comes easily to us girls,” and Mary is no exception! Had to over rule a few times but overall treasured my time with her in a love-filled, compassionate and very challenging mission. She will need a lot of R and R and TLC upon return.

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